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Army List with Lore of Fire instead of Metal

I participated in a 3 game Tournament on Saturday. I was like a little kid, as it has been 7+ yrs since i played a tourny and have only played two games in that time.

Going into the tournament i was scared of ethereals, DE with dreadlord and 2 hydras, and HE spear men army with death magic. Don’t ask me why as i have no idea what those things were, just scared from listening to stories.

My first battle was against Ogres and the scenario was “cunning use of Flags”. His list had Skragg, a BSB, 16 ogres … and 9 Gorgers. I won the roll to go first. I didn’t move too much and thought i better unload with magic and artillery. He was moving across the board with his deathstar and i was easily picking away at his unit.

Here’s where my mistakes started. His death star was close enough for my dwarfs and hobgoblins to charge the front. I thought this was smart as i clearly outnumbered him, had 50 plus models into him… what could go wrong (this worked in 6th edition).

7 of his gorgers came up his turn two and he placed them behind my blunderbuss unit and warmachines. Now i was screwed as i should have set up my K’daii to be ready to charge these gorgers as soon as they came up.

My unit of dwarfs held up in combat killing ogres each round of combat but the hobgoblins were dying 5-7 at a time, causing minimal damage, and i was loosing combat by 2-3 at first. i started losing by 5 (which i successfully rolled) but by the time i lost by 6… I fled, he ran me down and all i had left was the k’daii… at this point i should have fled and at least grabbed a terrain piece :frowning:

I lost 26 - 5 :o> Great opponent though, so i really didn’t mind, its about fun right?

Second battle was Operate Annihilate and lucky for me Ogres again. This army had 3 leadbelchers, firebelly, 3 mournfang, 2 cats, a 9 bull unit and his deathstar unit (I think there was another caster…)

This game looked promising as i had a great terrain advantage where his units would get funnelled one at a time Since they were so wide. His mournfang were on a flank and i put my k’daii out there. I put the hobgoblins on my other flank as i was not going to get chaffed by chaff.

I charged his death star when they were close enough and again, the Infernal Guard held up… I cannot believe how awesome a 30 man unit is. My K’daii failed their charge on the mournfang - my thinking was avoid getting charge by them and ash storm and chalice held up the small unit of ogres all game. By the end of the game, all i lost was my unit of thunderers, should have been a draw but another great general, so i gave him the win 15-6.

Third game was “Whites of their Eyes” (12 neutral zone running corner to corner) versus High Elves. This scenario we had to roll for every unit and hero separately to see if they started the game in reserve… I only had my magma cannon and a deathshrieker start in reserve. My opponents death star unit and a level 2 mage started in reserve. this gave my opponent fits as his L4 went in the death star and i think this threw him off.

This was the only opponent that was unhappy with the chalice yet every magic phase he received D3 power dice and drained one of my power dice on my casting…

None the less, my poor opponent failed 4 panic tests (no BSB) and I destroyed him to a man and had enough time to capture all the secondary objectives and get 2 units in his deployment zone. This gave me a 21-5 win.

I had a great day and received little flack about bringing Chaos Dwarves… I laughed as the only hassle i got was why i did not bring a destroyer :). I finished 6 out 12. Winner was the 9 gorger dwarf army, second was VC and third was a teclis HE army.

Best painted was a beautiful Warriors of Chaos army and I actually came in third for best painted (honourable mention).

Unit of the day was IG. I will probably never field hobgoblins in a 2k army again. I will drop goblins and a deathshrieker for a 15 strong unit of IG. The goblins just give up way too much in CR. K’daii were a surprise at how well they played. Ohhhh and Ash Storm… that spell saved my bacon every game. Everyone agreed it was probably one of the best spells in Warhammer.

With that said in the first game when i used ash storm i totally didn’t use the flammable attacks rule for my warmachines :frowning: Also, i never rolled for my general’s weapon ability. Rookie mistakes that i will hopefully never make again.


Well done - did you take any pictures of your dudes in action.


My first battle was against Ogres and the scenario was "cunning use of Flags". His list had Skragg, a BSB, 16 ogres ...... and 9 Gorgers.

9??? I do not think that is possible, gorgers are special so they are max 3...