[Archive] Flames of War


Getting into it finally. First time I had played it years ago, I didn’t like it, but it seems like the new edition works quite nicely as I gave it a try again.

Mainly doing Germans for mid and late war, partially just because I like the vehicles (even their halftracks), and game wise having Veteran troops is quite nice.

I also have a company of American Paratroopers (101st, 501 Easy Company of course!) that has some 2nd armored support. Might get some Ruskis from my dad.

Though if I can find a company that I like for Free French forces I may build a force for them, or for Canadians (Sherbrooke Fusiliers) for an Armored Company for Western Allies.

Primarily though? Running the Krauts. I can do a Panzer company (mid or late war) or Panzergrenadiers. American paratroopers for a true infantry company.

While I still prefer Command Decision IV or Battlefront for WWII games, Flames of War has the nice advantage of having a strong following so I can find people to play, go to tournaments, etc.


Go to http://www.theplasticsoldiercompany.co.uk for tanks etc…


20mm is tho one true scale for WW2, you should also check out Battle Group Kursk and The Guild forum



As much as I agree that a smaller scale is appropriate to WW2 gaming, and 20mm is perfect. I just can’t bring myself to start another scale. I am a 25-28mm person and I just can’t afford (either money or space) to do anything in another scale. So I will just have to admire this game as a spectator.