[Archive] Flaming Video - Sculpting torches with Green Stuff!


I made a 9 minute Instructional Video on how to make a sweet torch for scenery or to put in a model’s hand!

Really easy to do, and definitely an entry level conversion.

Feel free to check out the video and leave comments!

Bad photo, but here is the final product (or at least one of them):

Knight Of Awsome:

very nice tutorial, I gave me a clear idea for making more flaring torches.:cheers


I already commented. I really liked the (any club will do) part. lol

good work Vex. or Calming Plains, a little confusing but yah


Well done. That will help a lot of people.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Kera foehunter:

GREAT ONE VEX!!! thanks


Nice Job. By sound of your voices one would never guess that you and Xander are related. Usually borthers sound alike to a degree; anyways I digress.

As they say in Australia. Good on ya mate!

Kera foehunter:

Vex is that paint or is that a blood sacrfice, you did before the vidio on the middle finger?


/grump on

I don’t trust advice coming from someone with a clean workbench!!

/grump off


/grump on

I don't trust advice coming from someone with a clean workbench!!

/grump off

Aahhahha:oa if you could see mine... it's terrible.

About video: I think you should water the tool a little bit more... gs is very stiky and I prefer to work with a lot of water.

and I wait until gs is almost dried to make the sharp edges a flame needs.
Anyway, nice job! And I agree with the "twist" idea... it works!

Tharzhul Firehelm:

Great video mate, Ive tried sculpting fire before but it never turned out how i would have liked, i’m going to give this way a try.

cheers :hat off


Nice job there Bassman looks well done keep it up.


Nice jpb there bassman looks well done keep it up.

Thanks Willmark.

Another suggestion:
The top of the flame should stand up! Yours bend like they are solid, in real life flames stand up, even if there is wind the top of the flame stands up. I know it is not easy but this is the reason why I sculpt the body first, wait to cure and before it is completely cured I fix the top. Sometimes I shape the whole body of the flames and later, when the GS is totally cured, I add small pieces of gs shaping them to make the top of flames... like I did with my sorcerer.