[Archive] Flash Gitz


What is a simple way to make Flash Gitz? Could someone send/post me a link? I was thinking of using boyz and adding extra shooter barrles to a normal shooter…


Flash gitz are Nobs, so build them from Nobs.

For the weapons i used burnas and put on a shoota on the top.

But you could use lootas or big shootas or any other BIG guns!


I knew I should’ve taken pics of my WIPs… do’h.

Plastic Nobz + Lootas is what I’m doing. Nob bodies. Because I wanted them to look a bit like DoW Flash Gitz.
The Loota “harness” isn’t quite wide enough though, so some addition is required.

There’s a fairly nice conversion on TWF. http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=61613

I also found that taking the plastic orc boss body and legs, from the Orc boy box and giving him a plastic Nob kombi-weapon which has been kustomized work pretty nicely.


My friend Ian posted his on DakkaDakka, I’ll have to dig out the link. It’s awesome!