[Archive] Fluff game - The Return of The Renegade


Let’s have some “fluffy fun”:wink:

This is an experiment! Some of you don’t trust cohoperative works, I do. I like to reunite different points of view, as i personally think that the Thruth has many faces, and noone is completely right or wrong. I believe there is room for differences and that they enrich people.

I also believe that here with different game styles, opinions and the forth we are all representative of the Chaos Dwarfs. In short we are actually the Council of Zharr-Naggrund, planning to overwhelm the known world for the Glory of Hashut. This 8th edition puts us on the edge of something. Actrual Fluff gives us room for imagine the future of this race, let me say, OUR race;)

So let’s start

Rules are very simple:

1) We are at the council, sitting there. Hrotgar has come back to US…Why? to tell what? We are preparing for war, why? what our expectations are? Pick up you representative Lord (you have one!) and explain your ideas as if you were a Sorcerer of the Council.

2) Put in as many details as you like, about your own fluff and BGs or personal feelings

3) Avoid self conclusive actions (i.e. I kill Grimstonfire :stuck_out_tongue: - i cast a fireball on Hothgar).

4) Try to respect the hints of fluff in the 8th edition rulebook. Probably somehow, Hrothgar will convince The Council to admit him again…try to discover togheter how it could be possible.

That’s all i think; I’ll start, you follow:

Another dusty and polluted night covered the Dark Lands, chocking the scared creatures who lurked in the darkness. On the horizon the fiery red glow of Zharr-Naggrund dominated the flatland even at that distance, higher than the nearest smoky mines where the slaves lost their unworthy lives. Riding is mechanical Palanquin the Old Renegade Sorcerer advanced into the land of his kin, the Dawi-Zharr or Chaos Dwarfs, called followed by his slaves, masked warriors and the animated constructs born from his Unholy Forge. His guards spotted the Hobgoblin wolfriders scouting is force, and He sensed their fear while they run to inform their Masters on the top of the City, where, he knew, old enemies and unexpected allies were gathering just now.

In the vast Chamber of the Temple hundreds of the Sorcerers were discussing while their dark powers, sustained by their pride and their endless thirst for power filled the air with magic, and slaves were sacrificed in the cauldrons of melt metals to honour their Master, Hashut, The Father of Darkness. All of a sudden the huge doors carved out from obsidian, black iron and gold opened and the Hothgar stepped in. The Bull centaurs guards moved as one, blessed children of the God, with their mighty and sharp axes, ready to protect the Temple and their masters. The Sorcerers suddenly quitted their chatting, gazing at the one in front of them.

It was, then. The Council of Zhaar-Naggrund faced Hothgar the Sorcerer of The Forge, who served the Chaos host lead by Lord Mortkin against the realms of men. Far away from the Dark Lands he travelled and many secrets he was told to have revealed and many chaos dwarf’s creation he gifted Mortkin with, as the daemon-bound Hellcannos, and the fabled Towers of Doom…

Then one of them spoke, his voice like a landslide of volcanic ashes and stones.

"You… Hothgar…renegade of your race and of your God…how do You dare to insult us coming here into The Darklands, into the Temple of The Father. Lucky you are this Council let you arrive into the City. To me we should have destroied you weeks ago, when you first stepped into Zorn Uzkul!. "

Gilgadresh, the Captain of the Temple Guards in Charge, raised his head to the Sorcerer waiting only for a single order, to command his Bullcentaurs guards the obliteration of that menace… Many nodded moving their tall hats, some did not agree at all…