[Archive] Fluff speculation on the role of chaos?


Based on the discussion in the rumour speculation thread, would it be possible that the CD would actively want to help the forces of chaos overthrow the world?

There are reasons why this might be good and bad.

On the plus side they would not need to go around the world scavenging for slaves.  The legions of chaos would camp across the dark lands outside the doors of Zharr Naggrund and sell each other as slaves to get our armour and weapons.

We could demand whatever we wanted for anything, and they would always pay!

On the negative side if the Chaos Dwarfs were the only civilised race left in the whole world there would be a lot fewer things that we could trade for.  We’d also need a lot of armoured protection everywhere we went, with daemons and enemy tribes walking around everywhere. We’d basically be under siege forever.

Being chaos as well, there would be a whole load of people willing to just batter down the gates of zharr naggrund and enslave us all… :~

So overall would we really want to help chaos in the long run?

Kera foehunter:

well if they had gold and rum you betcha!!! and a metal clad ship sign me up!!

but hay that me !!


My thoughts,

Do we do a lot of slave trading? I thought were more like an aggressive slave management company. We use our slaves to capture more slaves. Do we sell them, do we even buy slaves?

I think of Chaos Dwarfs kinda as a reclusive race, they don’t really need to be bothered with trading when they can just Take. If you have slaves and I have hobo’s, i think i’d take my hobos and take ur slaves?

HOWEVER, where would we get our sacrifices from if there wasn’t apple supply running around? Kids make the best sacrifices and you cant get kids without humans!

-Beastybeastbeats doesn’t condone sacrificing kids or any other sort of human and/or animal-


From my understaning, CD want nothing to do with anyone or anything, save their own selfish desires…

They are happy to follow hashut his words/teachings. They war to exist and exist to war. Besides, CD still need to figure out why they turn to stone when they use magic…

Thommy H:

I doubt the Chaos Dwarfs even care that much. They’re short-sighted, aren’t they? I mean, their society has been essentially unchanged for centuries (it seems) and they’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of acquisition, destruction and shifting leadership. They’re utterly selfish, and only care about increasing their own standing and acquiring slaves. Chaos invasions provide them with more slaves because they both trade for weapons and machines and also bring back slaves from the west to trade for more weapons and machines.

So, short-term, they’ll support anyone who needs their services and will sow the maximum amount of destruction in the Old World. Will it benefit them in the long run? I doubt they care. Few Sorcerers live long enough to see the fruits of their labour (because they turn to stone) and all that matters is what they can grab before they petrify.

That’s what I think anyway.

Kera foehunter:

come down guys !! i will not get my gold and rum shhhhhhhh !

i can always steal a steal ship


We’ll say then that the whole world has fallen, but there is a ship going round with the last remaining supplies of rum and Capt’n Kera at it’s helm! :cheers

The Chaos Dwarfs would be aware that chaos is growing stronger, so I guess I was asking about how they’d position themselves for the long haul?  Short-termism is a possibility, either they are incapable of seeing the big picture, or they’re happy just to satisfy their own greed.  Live for the day and not care about tommorow.

Bearing in mind as well that Chaos Dwarfs would live for at least 400 years, so with GW bringing the end of the world nearer every day, this decision becomes all the more important. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

well as with the western dwarf the time of dwarf are ending!! each day there are less.

But to say what would chaos be with out us !! There war weapons hell canon and amor

untill the ogre and chaos don’t need us !! like for never !! we sit on top of the food chain!!

Thommy H:

so with GW bringing the end of the world nearer every day, this decision becomes all the more important.
No it doesn't - they're never going to actually end the narrative, you know. It's a setting, not a story. Chaos will always be on the verge of destroying everything: that's the idea.


so with GW bringing the end of the world nearer every day, this decision becomes all the more important.
No it doesn't - they're never going to actually end the narrative, you know. It's a setting, not a story. Chaos will always be on the verge of destroying everything: that's the idea.

Thommy H
I think the ironic smily face was intended to acknowledge that fact.

Seems to me that the world becoming a daemon-realm would be bad news for everybody, but I expect that the Chaos Dwarfs could make it work somehow. They might have to worry about "hostile takeovers" by daemon princes and so on, or make some deals to maintain their nominal financial independence. But I can certainly imagine aspiring chaos champions paying top dollar for CD products. Horray for capitalism!


If chaos did manage to overthrow the world my guess is that chaos dwarfs would prosper for a time (selling weapons and such) until Chaos would campaign against the Chaos Dwarfs and enslave us (or the chaos dwarf society would fracture apart in civil war).

The increase of the winds of chaos (magic) would also increase the speed at which the chaos dwarfs sorcerers turn into stone. This in turn hurt the the central leadership of chaos dwarf society and the religion of Hashut.

Chaos Dwarfs are not chaotic evil but more neutral/lawful evil. I doubt the daemons would allow anything lawful live on their planet.

The hoards of chaos would be without number and chaos dwarfs numbers are limited.

Daemon bound war machines are more likely to turn against the chaos dwarfs in a world ruled by chaos.


I think all the other armys of the major chaos gods would just turn on each other once the world had been taken over probably not leaving the chaos dwarfs in as bad a position as youd think. Possibly putting at the top of the food chain what with their demon binding and such and so many demons being around in such a place!


Total annihilation is such a finite concept; it goes against the very nature of the empyrean (RoC). I suspect its something a bit more sinister.

I remember reading in several GW: RoC texts that the denizens of the RoC are manifestations of �?ohuman�?� (although I suspect it�?Ts more like sentient) emotion given physical form. Now we do know that the denizens of the RoC (I�?Tll just call them daemons) don�?Tt need physical form, but it does appear to serve some purpose. That purpose would be the churning of up emotions, the negative in particular and fear being the utmost. All four of the major powers feed off of fear at the root of their belief system (Any Star Wars fans out there already know the central argument here, so I�?Tll continue on as I suspect there are a few on the forum.) and the �?ogood guys�?� only perpetuate this fear with xenophobia, prejudice and intolerance.

Regardless of what Hashut is, Deity, Demigod, Daemon Prince (or the 20th Primarch) his followers are perpetuators of xenophobia, prejudice and intolerance of a slightly less ominous kind* than that of the Hordes/Beasts/Daemons of Chaos and would remain extremely valuable to that end. Many races trade/interact with the CDs, allowing them to influence these societies on a superficial (to start) level. One could almost see Zharr Naggrund as an example of �?odeveloped�?� society under the tutelage of the ruinous powers.

On the bright side, Hashut could be the true god of Chaos Undivided!

* I say less ominous because they sit right in the Old World�?Ts back yard. Were they perceived as big a threat as, say Archon, I suspect several WH races would indeed get over their petty differences (albeit temporarily) to wipe them out. I only say this because we have seen this happen time and time again when one race gains an upper hand.


That is an excellant post TwilightCo, the empyrean.  Now I know what it’s called! :)  I knew it was’t the warp.

If the ruinous powers were to conquer the world, there would be enough humans left to fuel the gods for millennia to come.  Either you would join a warband, you’d be enslaved or you’d die.

One could almost see Zharr Naggrund as an example of �?odeveloped�?� society under the tutelage of the ruinous powers.
I hadn’t considered that actually, would it be possible that the chaos gods would specifically want the CD to survive?  If they continue making weapons of mass destruction their followers would kill even more of their enemies.  Which is why I wouldn’t be surprised for there to be an almighty eternal battle raging outside the walls of zharr naggrund.  Whoever is winning at the time will be in a position to trade.

On a practical level it would be similar to the Dwarfs of Karak Dum in Daemonslayer.