[Archive] Foiled again!


So, I just lost another ebay auction.

There miniatures were offered for sale on this site a while ago.








I missed out on the Bull Centaurs by $1.00!

Still - everything seemed to go quite cheaply - a grand total of $363.07. If memory serves, I think the previous owner wanted about $1000+ for them.

EDIT: The posts have been deleted, but it was initially offered for more than a grand. ( http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=8943 )

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Why not go for the “Buy It Now” CD stuff and save yourself the hassle of bidding?


You can grab a real bargain on the odd occasion with bidding.

I like the adrenalin rush with bidding :smiley:


Regarding prices, what I’ve seen lately for ‘buy it now’ is about $7 CAN for a metal warrior/blunderbuss, about $20 for a bull centaur, and waaaaaaay more for other stuff.

For example, in the above auction that I just missed out on for the bull centaurs, it would work out to $6.60CAN each. I’ve NEVER seen them go that cheaply… and, when you factor in the individual shipping costs, you end up paying even more. I’m betting that the seller wasn’t too happy with the result. I

ll beet he was looking for double what the bull centaurs went for.



Missed out an a lamassu… by 50 cents!!!

Da Crusha:


Missed out an a lamassu... by 50 cents!!!!

that's what it looks like but you have no Idea how high his max bid was. He may have been willing to spend another $20. Just saying.


I was using a utility which sends your automated bid at the last possible moment (ie. less one second left in the auction), leaving no time for a counterbid.

I missed it because the ‘bidding increment’ was larger than the difference between my bid and the previous one.

Irritating, but hey. Maybe I should just stop being so cheap!! That lamassu went (in box) for $35.50US


The seller only shipped to the USA, Canada and the UK. This reduced the people bidding on CDs. If the auction was available to the Worldwide community it may have gone for a lot more.

As regards to only missing out by a $1 and 50 cents, don’t feel too bad, as Da Crusha said, the other bidder probably had a lot more money on the item/s than that. EBay only requires the smallest of bidding increments to sell the item, so if you were the only other bidder, then eBay only required $1 or 50c more than your bid to sell the Chaos Dwarfs.


Bidding on EBay only works if you bid your maximum amount. don’t bid like a normal auction, eBay will continually rebid for you up to your max if necessary.


The increment was $1, and my bid was sent to ebay via another website was $36. So, because my bid didn’t match the minimum increment of $1, it was rejected.

I’m thinking about waiting on any more acquisitions until the ‘quasi-official’ list comes out anyway…


I'm thinking about waiting on any more acquisitions until the 'quasi-official' list comes out anyway...

I would have to agree with this veiwpoint. I am sure like the rest of us, you probably have a pile of lead and plastic which can be painted while you wait.