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hey kera,

i found a pirate gobbo mini, i thought you might like it



The one with the shark on his back is great.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’m sure she’ll like 'em!

Kera foehunter:

omg !!! Asheira!!! boy you know you way to a woman heart !!!

those are better than roses!!!


I dunno about Kera, but I could use one or two of those… Hmmmm…


Heh they must have made those with Kera in mind!

Kera foehunter:

Yea i see greenskin pirate skum in my near future!!

Auretious Taak:

Hee, well those are fine and all but let’s just make life even cooler with this chap from reaper along with the relevent search for pirates on the side bar you can maybe mess with:

Goblin Pirate and Powder Monkey; Reaper Miniatures

Also, youc an’t forget the Confrontation Goblin Pirates assuming you can still get these as Rackham went to prepainted crap and screwed their game and the following royally:

Show’s Pirate Goblins but not the boxed set, but also shows one of the samurai goblins which well the ninja/samurai goblins and pirate goblins of Rackham Miniatures are fantastic!

FOUR PAGEs OF PIRATES! 2nd Page has the rest of the Racham Pirate Goblins, but some damned fine othe rpirates, one or two goblin pirates here and there and some Orc Pirates also, some odd Dwarf Pirates that could be cool and some rat pirates and justa bucketload of human pirates and skeletal pirates too!

Another source for yet more pirate figures, scroll down a bit shows rackham pirates in the box of 10 you can get, gives miniature companies plus parts codes as well for most companies shown.

Oh and of course how the heck could I forget Privateer Press’s WARMACHINE Pirates!

URL to the webstore, search of pirates gives few items but there is a massive range - the Pirates of the Borken Coast Book gives the background and rules for all the units in the game look for sea dogs et al but also the Cryxian Undead Pirates are also around and all these models are above par for excellence.

So Kera, Pirates!

Auretious Taak.

Kera foehunter:

thanks taak

i see you where busy


well, i can’t find anymore… (other than the orcs i showed you last year and the ones takk showed us)


oooooh, nice find. I like the first one! he looks so silly but still pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Auretious? shouldn’t you be studying? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Auretious Taak:

What can I say? I was distracted by that hawt new avatar you’re packing Sojourn not to mention my buxom wench of a Mate Kera Foehunter up there and her Pyramid of Rum and Mouse companion! Hmm, you need a companion in your avatar Sojourn a candycane doesn’t do as much as a pink bunny or a white mouse!