[Archive] For New Members - How To Upload And Post Pictures

Pyro Stick:

UPDATE: As of 2017 Photobucket have removed the ability to embed your images on other sites without paying $399 a year. I suggest everyone move to a similar hosting site such imgur. Posting photos from there should be very much the same, if not easier.

Ive seen an increasing amount of new members posting that they dont know how to post their pictures of their conversions/painted models so heres a guide on the best way to upload, organise and post your pictures on forums.

First thing you need to do is to register on Photobucket. Once your account is open go to your My Albums page and you will see this box:

Click on Choose Files and simply choose the pictures you want to upload and wait while they are uploaded to your Photobucket Account.

Once your pictures have uploaded its time to organise them. I seriously advise you do this now, especially if you are planning on uploading loads of pictures. I made the mistake of waiting until i had over 20 pages of pictures before i decided to organise them all into seperate Albums because it became way too hard to find anything, and if you have posted a picture and you then move it to another Album the link will no longer be valid and that picture will no longer appear in the posts that it has been posted. So look to the right of the page, find the Add A New Album box, type the name of the Album (Chaos Dwarfs etc), and click Save. Now you can Move all your pictures to do with Chaos Dwarfs into the Chaos Dwarfs folder and they will be easier to find once you have uploaded loads more pictures. You can add as many Albums as you need and you can create Sub Albums inside these Albums. So for example i could have a Chaos Dwarfs Album and inside i could have the Sub Album Warmachines.

Now that you have your pictures uploaded and organised its time to post them. Under each picture you upload there are a series of links:

The only link you need to be able to post the picture is the IMG Code link, which is the fourth one. Usually clicking on it will copy the whole link and then all you need to do is to paste the code into a post and the picture will appear in the post. Above each picture there are more options like Move and Delete. Move is to move the picture from one album to another and Delete is obviously to Delete the picture, but doing either of these will break the link and if you have used it anywhere it will no longer work and you will have to go find the broken pics and post the new IMG Code. You can also use the Direct Link to post pics but you have to use for it to work. Or you can click on the Insert Image button at the top of the Post Reply page and past the Direct Link into that and it will insert the rest of the code for you.

Heres my Photobucket account:Pyros Photobucket

As you can see ive made a lot of Albums and i have customised the backgrounds. Ive also made some albums private by clicking the Edit link at the top of the Albums column. You can also add Tags and Titles to your pictures and the Resolution can be reduced when you are uploading them and when they are uploaded you can Edit your pics even more.

I hope this has helped the new members that are having difficulties with posting their pictures. I think i have covered all the important things but if you have any questions just ask.

edit: Photobucket have updated their site since i made this guide and it no longer looks like it does in the pictures ive posted but its still easy to use. Just use the Upload button at the top of the screen. Its a big green button so its easy to find.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Thanks Pyro if it wasn’t for my damn computer password I’d have an acount but I think this should be sticky’ed?

Dwarf of Chaos:

Thanks I realy wanted to post stuff but I didn´t know how


I have poked around but have yet to find anything regarding sizes… do i need to be posting below a certain size? 600x480, 800x600? - just wanted to make sure

Pyro Stick:

I have poked around but have yet to find anything regarding sizes... do i need to be posting below a certain size? 600x480, 800x600? - just wanted to make sure

You can post whatever size pics you want, but if you choose to post really big ones it would probably be best to write "Pic Heavy" in the thread title so that people with slow internet connections know. I tend to post fairly big pics (10 megapixels) and i dont think anyone has complained aobut it before. Also, larger pics take much longer to upload to Photobucket.


nice to know i can post some pics that can actually be seen, thanks


Thanks loads ! Have been going mad trying to figure out how to upload pics!


Thanks heaps Pyro, you are a life saver !!!


Can anyone help me with this on an IPad?!!!