[Archive] [For sale] 2500 point painted chaos dwarf army & more unpainted


Hi all,

Due to unforseen circumstances I am considering parting with my Chaos Dwarf army.

For pictures check out my blog linked in my signature, but following is a list of what I have bought to make the army:

Infernal Guard command x2 @ £16each

Infernal Guard with hand weapons x2 @ £36each

Infernal Guard with Fireglaives x2 @ £36each

Magma Cannon x1 @ £38each

Deathshriker x1 @ £32each

K’daii Fireborn(u) x2 @ £36each

Hellcannon(u) x1 @ £36each

Goblin Big Boss on Giant wolf x1 @ £6each

Goblin Regiment x2 @ £20.50each

Chaos Warhounds x1 @ 15.50each

(30 goblins made as Hobgoblins with bows, 5 Hobgoblin wolf raiders with bows with 5 wolf raiders unmade)

Three 4th Edition Bull Centaurs from eBay @ £20

Total cost for everything: £433.50

There is enough models here to make about 3500 points. If someone wants to buy the lot then make me an offer. Other than that I will sell the 2500 points of painted models (as seen in my log) all together and the unpainted labelled with (u) stuff seperate. I also have a signed copy of Tamurkhan and a GW carry case which will fits all the painted models with room to spare if wanted.

Currently I don’t have the time to break it up and sell the painted units individually and don’t really want the hassle. If you are in the UK and live in the Midlands or south, I would be willing to deliver the lot myself as I regualary drive back and forth. Otherwise we can sort out postage or pick up.

Please make a sensible offer and send these to a good home! I don’t want to resort to eBay unless I have to!

In case anyone is wondering, it’s not a bad situation that’s leading to this. Just money issues and a job change of circumstance, I plan on slowly building another army in a year or two.


Sorry that you need to sell this lot, you’ve made excellent contributions to CDO and I hope you stay on the forum to offer us your invaluable advice.

Saying that, if you’re still selling, I’ve pmed you an offer for the unpainted stuff!


Should you decide to split it up I’ll take the Ironsworn.


Cheers for the support guys. Satan I will let you know if I split the army up.