[Archive] For Sale: Warhammer Forge Chaos Dwarf Army


Hello gang,

I do understand that this is my first post on these forums but I still wanted to list my Chaos Dwarf army here. I currently have it listed on Bartertown and would like to run the transaction through there is possible. If need be we can put it up on eBay as well, after we discuss the payment of eBay fees.

Here is the list! (I am NOT looking to split this up currently)

Infernal Guard x65 w/ 2 commands
Infernal Guard x10 w/ Hellglaives
Bull Centaurs x6
Fireborn x6
Magma Cannon x2
Deathshrieker x1
Iron Daemon x1
Iron Daemon w/ Skullcracker x1
Hellcannon x1
Ka’daii Destroyer (Stonehorn) x1
Custom Dreadquake Mortar w/ Ogre x1
Chaos Giant x1
Castellan w/ custom Battle Standard x1
Castellan x2
Demonsmiths x3 including the rare Forgeworld Open 2011 models
Prophet on Bale Taurus x1
Lammasu w/ Character x1
Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos x1

and parts that are partially painted/assembled:

~80 Hobgoblins (night goblins)
~20 Hobgoblins w/ bows (night goblins)
~12 “Hobgoblins” on wolves (OnG range)


This is everything you need play the new Chaos Dwarfs, and it’s located in the USA! No more waiting for WHForge.

I am looking for $1750 shipped anywhere in the continental USA/Canada, via Paypal. International interest can be discussed on a case by case basis. Buyers will pay prior to shipping regardless of rating due to the expense of the goods.

original listing: Bartertown listing

I will be happy to PM anyone on the Bartertown site if you require confirmation.

Also, pics: pics

Feel free to PM me here or on Bartertown if interested! I would also be interested in fully painted army swaps but cash is always king.


Edited to fix links and respond “I am not looking to split this up at this time.”


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