[Archive] Forge World Avatar


Just stumbled upon this guy and though that with a little reworking on the runes he might make a great Destroyer.


Great taurus 2000:

Oh yes! Great idear :idea! Ive been an Eldar player in the past but I do not have the Forge World version of the Avatar, but I do have the GW one wich would also do fine.

Now I finally have an idear what to do with it:hat off!


A pic along the remark works wonders.

And I see it working as a destroyer but I dont really like the model. I love the classic one and this one is just to tall and way more static.


So then I was on the FW site and found this one:


Now thats a destroyer!
(its a Giant Spined Chaos Beast)


I actually think that the Avatar would work just fine. Only issue I have is size: that thing is going to look lost & lonely on a 100x150 base…


I actually think that the Avatar would work just fine.

Give him a metal beard, too - lol

Great taurus 2000:

I don’t know how would the Spined Beast work out, but I like the idear :slight_smile:


I will admit that i love FW models (even (IMO) stupid looking ones like a Giant Squig) and either of these two would work.

Whats the base size FW sends with the avatar? Maybe if it looks “small” on a 100x150 base, opponents will not take it seriously for the first turn…