[Archive] Forge World Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmiths COMPLETED!


Hey Guys,

I stumbled across your forums while searching Google for some images.  I am a pretty good painter and had the opportunity to paint a Chaos dwarf for the first time the last few days.  My main platform for painting has been Crimson Fist Space marines, Evil Sunz Orks, and soon to be Necrons.

I thought I would share my results.  If anyone would know, you guys would…Did I get him right?  Is there anything wrong in the fluff that doesn’t fit with the paint scheme?

You might not be able to tell but his skin has a very slight greenish tinge to it to make him look evil, his eyes are slight yellow, but again hard to see in the video of a picture.

The best way to show you is in my 360degree HD Video here…


Any comments would be appreciated.  I also do tutorials so feel free to subscribe…

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Great job!

I think he looks fabulous - you are a very talented painter!


Thank you very much for the kind comment! What do you think fluff wise? I don’t know anything about the Chaos Dwarves and I didn’t have access to any codex, etc. Thanks again mate,



Super cool paint job.

Only thing that doesnt fit with my fluff: <br>The Dark Castellan is supposed to hold the head of an old Sorcerer-Prophet, who had turned himself into stone. <br>It would be a relic which comes instead of the Army Standard.<br><br>So the bloodied head would indeed go against the fluff, but on the other side, why shouldnt the bloody head of a defeated enemy fulfill the same function?


BAH! That is exactly the information I needed before painting him! Lols. I didn’t get why he was holding a Chaos Dwarf head, I was going to paint him as a regular Dwarf (enemy) but the sculpt was too Chaosy… Now it all makes sense!! Thanks guys! If you know the three models I am working on, is there any other heads up I should know about before I paint them?


Nice! the whole model looks amazing, and I have nothing much else to say other than…EPIC!!

Time of Madness:

Very nice indeed!

Time of Madness


Very nice!

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If you are looking for some fluff references - why not have a look in the wiki?

There is a lot of information in there - maybe it would be of help!


Hey Guys,

Thanks so much! I did have a look at the wiki but I didnt really any find any reference to colours. Ie when the dwarves turn to Chaos, do their eyes go red? yellow? etc? Does their skin turn a specific colour when they go Chaos?

I have 2 more models to go so when I am done I will be posting them here. One of them has Ice for half the base. It is a REALLY cool effect. If you are interested, Check out my video Njal Stormcaller. (I also have a tutorial on how to make the ice base as well)



Skin or eye color is not really explained much. I believe I read somewhere that their skin get’s a slight pallid grey tinge, but I can’t remember where. I image beyond the tusks and the occasional hooves they don’t deform all that much though! That said though, you can definitely have a little bit of freedom.


Thanks so much Veshnakar! My skin colour is more a pallid Green tinge but overall I think it fits.


Mad Dave:

Its a Rubbish paint job… Im not jealouse !! honste… Joking aside that has to be one of the best paint jobs ive seen on for that miniture. :hat off

Thommy H:

Ie when the dwarves turn to Chaos, do their eyes go red? yellow? etc? Does their skin turn a specific colour when they go Chaos?


Awsome model,

how’d you do the blood stains?


The paint stains were using two different colours

-dab on or lightly brush 50/50 of Citadel Bestial Brown / Tamiya Clear Red (x27)

-Lightly dab your brush in Tamiya Clear Red and randomly dab it on and around where your 1st step was painted

-Lastly lightly dip your brush into Tamiya Clear Red and holding the brush close to the model, use a toothpick to flick the hairs of your brush so the brush sprays some splatter on the model where you want it. (DO A TRIAL RUN ON A PIECE OF PAPER SO YOU LEARN THIS TECHNIQUE FIRST BEFORE APPLYING IT TO YOUR MODEL!!!)

Hope that helps


Guys here is the final installment, thanks for all your tips on the fluff of these guys!


Mad Dave:

Really nice job dude. Where did you get the rocky bases from the figures are standing on or did you make them.


Thanks so much! I actually made those bases and here is a tutorial on how I made the ice with rock base…