[Archive] Forge World Fantasy Division - how much would you spend?


Well, following on from the rumour that FW are going to have a fantasy oriented sister company, I was curious how much people might think this will impact on their wallets (or purses, as the case may be). I own the FW War Mammoth, which I think is a great figure, but i’ve always been secretly relieved that FW didn’t make more fantasy stuff, as i’m sure i’d be tempted to buy it (especially if it is Chaos Dwarfy).



I’d gladly dump a few hundred Cdn bucks on models if they are up to the usual FW quality. I have about $2k Cdn of FW stuff already and have been a satisfied customer over the years, but as usual, it depends on the style and models - there’s lots of FW models that are good quality, but don’t flip my toggle.


I’ve often lamented at the limited range of fantasy models available. I’d happily spend my Cdn$ there as well if I found something I was keen on.

Thus far it’s mostly been small-ish 40K stuff that’s caught my eye, but only a few bits and pieces, most of it I just pass on… more often than not, it’s because of the price tag.



I’d spend ££££ on FW WFB stuff, but a whole army… especilly one that has in the past been part of the main range is a bit off as far as I’m concerned.

The FW Ellysian (or whatever they’re called) range I have no problem with, as they are essentially a varient list - you can play IG without having to buy from FW. If the rumoured new company produces a Cd army, at FW prices, then it’s unfair as to play Chaos Dwarfs you either have to pay through the nose through them, or pay through the nose on Fleabay…

Having said that, if they are to FW standard then yes, I would buy an army of them…

Pyro Stick:

I wouldnt buy a whole new army of them as ive already got an army of them but i would def buy a few units (warriors, warmachine, any new units) plus a new awesome lord and sorceror. I bet this new company will produce models in a cheaper way if they are going to make a whole army that they expect people to buy.


To make a Chaos Dwarfs army with models of FW is very expensive, among a 150% and a 200%… :~

I only buy CD’s models, the Hobgoblins we achieve by means of conversion of Night Goblins with Gnoblars… or something like that.


I would be interested in getting some siege stuff for dwarfs, maybe a few terrain bits and of course every CD thing I could lay my hands on. Also FW greater daemon character coversion packs, that sort of thing.

Alternate armies outside of Dwarfs, CD, O&G and maybe WoC would not interest me.


I don’t see it impacting my wallet any more then FW does. There’s a lot of things I’d like to but but just don’t. I can’t see “WHFB FW” be any different.

Let me be the first (?) though to say that establishing a new “company” for this is totally stupid. There’s no real reason for doing that. “FW sculptor’s can’t cope” or whatever isn’t an excuse, just hire guys to do fantasy stuff! There’s some interesting corporate tax dodgyness hiding behind this. And of course they can just “close down” this company and fire everyone without it impacting on the “real” business.


It certainly seems a strange business model .I suspect that they will release siege supplements to WFB which will empty my wallet .

Looks promising from here as i can see alot of us not being able to resist that FW goodness

Border Reiver:

Would I buy FW CDs? Possibly. It honestly depends on whether they match my current army (big hats). If they do - or if FW decides to do a conversion kit to make WFB Dwarfs into Chaos Dwarfs, then probably. If not, then probably not, unless it was something that could be easily subbed in like warmachines or the like.


Like Grim, I think Siege weaponry would make the most sense. Bigger scale stuff makes sense for castle sieges and the like. As for regular units, I don’t know. It depends largely on what they make. For the most part, their products have just been too expensive for me to have any practical interest in them.


to much, but enjoy doing it :slight_smile: