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As is well known, the sculptors at Forge World, although talented, tend to focus on 40k, to the degree that some believe they are allergic to Fantasy. The last Fantasy-exclusive they turned out were the Ogre Rhinox Riders, which were brilliant and well-loved amongst Ogre players, so why can’t they have another go at Fantasy, rather than releasing another new type of tank?

With that in mind, here’s a thread where you can stick all your ideas for the sort of stuff Forge World could release for Fantasy armies. Remember that this would have to be for existing armies - no “They should release Cathay and Nippon and Araby”, guys.

Less outlandish ideas to be going along with:

Beasts of Chaos �?" Characters, God-specific Kits, Monsters, Herdstone

Bretonnia �?" Characters, Questing Beasts, Moulded Livery Kits

Chaos Dwarfs �?" These guys would be happy with just about anything, frankly.

Daemons of Chaos �?" Characters, Chariots, Monsters

Dark Elves �?" Characters, Monsters, Harpies, Dragon, Cauldron of Blood

Dwarfs �?" New War Machines, Grudgestones, Bugman�?Ts Rangers, Anvil of Doom

The Empire �?" Characters, New War Machines, War Altar, Steam Tank Variants, Knightly Orders

High Elves �?" Characters, Dragon

Lizardmen �?" Characters, Giant Dinosaurs, Coatls, Cold One/Horned One Riders

Ogre Kingdoms �?" Characters, Cavebeasts, Slave Giant, Maneaters, Yhetees, Sky Titan

Orcs & Goblins �?" Characters, Idol of Gork/Mork, Wyvern

Tomb Kings �?" Characters, Tomb Sphynx, Desert Tribes (Araby), Bone Giant, Constructs

Vampire Counts �?" Characters, Abyssal Terror, Undead Monstrosities of all stripes, Ghosts

Warriors of Chaos �?" Characters, Forsaken, Warshrines, God-specific Kits, Daemonic Mounts

Wood Elves �?" Characters, Treekin, Treeman, Great Stag, Unicorn,

Other �?" Siege, Diorama


Having discussed this with someone ‘in the know’, I think the realistic possibilties of forgeworld doing much fantasy stuff is very limited.

However, I will go along with this possibility for fun!

Beasts of Chaos �?" Monsters, terrain (Herdstone)

Daemons of Chaos �?" Smaller (cheaper) Greater Daemons that can be converted to characters

Chaos Dwarfs - Siege stuff

Empire - Steam Tank Variants, Siege stuff, terrain

Dwarfs - Siege stuff, terrain

Lizardmen �?" Giant Dinosaurs

Ogre Kingdoms �?" Characters, Maneaters

Orcs & Goblins �?" Siege stuff, terrain

Tomb Kings �?" Terrain

Warriors of Chaos �?"  Siege stuff, terrain

Wood Elves �?" Treeman, terrain


It’s a funny game, so why not?

Bretonnia �?" Characters, heraldry to upgrade you characters or Grail knights…

Chaos Dwarfs �?" I know we would be everybody happy with anything about our beloved evil stunties but to be realistic I’d be happy with a FW Hellcannon, wouldn’t it be cool? :hat

Dark Elves �?" Characters, Monsters, Harpies, Dragon, Cauldron of Blood and hydra! Why not, GW one is cool but a FW one would be majestic! If they make better witch elves… :slight_smile:

Dwarfs �?" New War Machines, Anvil of Doom

The Empire �?" War Altar, Steam Tank Variants

High Elves �?" Characters, Dragon

Lizardmen �?" as my 2 years old nephew says “Diiiiinooooo!”

Ogre Kingdoms �?" Sky Titan those guy would be cool indeed!

Orcs & Goblins �?" Custom kits for characters like in 40k and squigs, who do not like squigs?

Warriors of Chaos �?" Warshrines, God-specific Kits, Shaggots like mountains!

Wood Elves �?" Treeman, waywatchers


Part of the problem with Forgeworld is the fact that if you notice they do primarily 2 things…

Nurgle stuff or rehashed IG models

and Tanks.

Tanks require much less skill as most of it is originally done with PVC pipe and Plasticard. Greenstuff is pretty much used for filling areas. The nurgle stuff is probably the easiest things to convert due to the organic nature of the style. And rehashed IG… Take a base IG trooper, add a different head and modify the chest and you got a new IG theme… Its not rocket science.

Also It is pretty well known that next to none of the Forgeworld guys play fantasy… They are all Treadhead IG and Space Marine Players. and tend to gravitate towards those armies.


Isnt forgeworld essentially a sister company to GW, born from expiring licenses of Armocast?

Forgeworld does tend to be 40k heavy, but Armorcast was doing the same thing and seemed to prove the venue as it were.

On other notes, while some of the forgeworld sculptors are great, the price and quaility of cast dont seem to be in sync from what i have heard. There are many that i have talked too who were less than satisfied with the quality of the cast/fit for the prices they were paying. Hopefully things have improved.

I know they still produce stuff i would like to purchase and look forward too.

For some they just give me some inspiration to continue with my own gs work and conversions. Some i just dont have the time work up just yet as i get distracted by other projects. And for those rare moments when there is something i just dont quite think i can pull off, they have the online store.

There are some inherent limitations… possibly a few more than with 40k. But when you stop to think about it… the different cultures of fantasy can be nearly as varied, Middenguard, Kislevittes, the different races of elves, chaos of itself could keep them busy for quite some time, the different powers, daemonic specials, orc clans… etc etc. then all the monstrous beings… could prove to be quite a segway for forgeworld. Althoug i suspect it will be a slow addition to there existing lines.


Since Forgeworld seem to like doing large models i’d love to see them have a crack at a Kollossus.

Failing that, some Chaos War altars or a model of The Slann who rides on a Stegadon (Kroak? Mazdamundi? I forget…)

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Spirit of Grungi for Dwarfs, anyone? It’s so obvious.

Border Reiver:

For us -

a. Conversion packs to make CDs from Dwarf Warriors and Thunderers (heads and weapons);

b. The Kollossus;

c. Conversion packs to make Bull Cenaturs from Dwarf Warriors - heads and the bull bodies;

d. Death rockets and the Earthshakers; and

e. Characters.

Maybe terrain if that’ll get 'em interested.

Kera foehunter:

a new gyro for the dwarfs!!

and a small ships for us pirates

Border Reiver:

If we let you have a small ship, you’ll just use it to steal a larger one Kera!


Spirit of Grungi for Dwarfs, anyone? It's so obvious.

Hrothgar Goldgreed
At one point they made one for Warmaster. Be nice to see one in warhammer scale.

Kera foehunter:

If we let you have a small ship, you'll just use it to steal a larger one Kera!

Border Reiver

Border Reiver:

So long as you bring me back some beer or decent (non-Ilsay) single malt scotch we’re good.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Spirit of Grungi for Dwarfs, anyone? It's so obvious.

Hrothgar Goldgreed
At one point they made one for Warmaster. Be nice to see one in warhammer scale.


Kera foehunter

If we let you have a small ship, you'll just use it to steal a larger one Kera!

Border Reiver
I see resemblance.

Kera foehunter:

well i guess they may trade canada beer for scotch !!! B. R.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Fully armoured Chaos Ogres

Throgg the Troll King

Villitch the Vile

The Fist of Hashut Mk II

Chaos Dwarf Hellforge terrain piece


They need new Dragon Ogres, and a big 2 headed Chaos Dragon. They are too expensive I believe, but at Games Day a few years back the line for the Forge World stand was immense.

Kera foehunter:

I would like to see them do the dragon smaugh of the hobbit !! since they like to large scale model


ye smaug would be cool. but wonder if they put tresueres on his chest with a weak spot!

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

You guys knew this, right?