[Archive] Forgewold releases coming?


Sorry if this has been answered, but I’ve noticed in the Games Day pictures that there seems to be a couple of Deamonsmith models that haven’t been released yet. I know one of them was a Games Day special (Hellsmith) and I’ve already got mine from ebay. However, the other model I’ve seen hasn’t been released yet. Any news on what the status of that is?


as far that I know of, no. We just have to wait till they are released.


I’m guessing they’re just saving it to space out the releases whilst they’re sculpting monsters.

Sometimes with FW though you really have to push to get them to release things. An example being some of the chaos characters we saw when WF were revealed. They said they’d need a lot of requests for that to be sold. Or the unmarked chaos ogre, which I’d love to buy.


WF is suppose to release the next book, Monstrous Archana, in the March-April time frame. So between now and then they will slowly finish up the releases for Tamurakhan and start releasing some models for that second book. At this point there are maybe only 2 small pieces we know of that WF hasn’t released. The rest of the CD line are either on hold like wolfriders, or like on foot hobgoblins just aren’t happening. Last week was a 40k release, so their next release should be fantasy… but who knows.

Around the time of Monstrous Archana’s release I believe is Forge Worlds open day… I’m guessing that they’ll have copies of this second book available at that.

Hashut’s Blessing:

aka_ythos: There is no guarantee that any more of the stuff from Tamurkhan will be out before Monstrous Arcana. That’s not to say it’s never coming out, as I have been told by one of the sculptors in person that BCs are on the list to be done - it’s just that we can’t second guess any releases. Also, the guy said that the Fantasy stuff gets pushed back by 40k stuff.


You’re right there is no guarantee but it’s the trend that Forgeworld has pretty consistently followed with the 40k Imperial Armour books and models. Also keep in mind I’m only talking about the one or two models we’ve actually see finished sculpts of, the daemonsmith. Everything else is pretty definitively on hold or just isn’t getting done.

Units yet to have models:
Bull Centaurs (definitively in Monstrous Arcana and most likely released with that book)
Bull Centaur Hero (likely to be released with rank and file Bull Centaur)
K’daii Destroyer (likely in Monstrous Arcana)
K’daii Fireborn (likely in Monstrous Arcana)
Hobgoblins (will never get models not cost effective to WF)
Wolf Riders (GW is redoing plastic wolves and WF will not sculpt wolf riders until those wolves are available.)
Wolf Riding Khan (GW is redoing plastic wolves and WF will not sculpt wolf riders until those wolves are available.)

Am I missing anything?


You're right there is no guarantee but it's the trend that Forgeworld has pretty consistently followed with the 40k Imperial Armour books and models.

I realize any models that haven't been sculpted yet or at the very least haven't been seen yet (even if they've been sculpted) are going to be down the road a bit.  However, I was mainly referring to the models that we have seen.  At this point, there's only two CD models that I've seen (Games Day) that haven't been released yet and that's this Daemonsmith


and the Games Day only Hellsmith which may only ever have been available at Games Day.  I thought I read a post where someone mentioned a character pack or something.  I just figured it was possibly the two Daemonsmiths and maybe a Castellan.


There are actually quite a few models that were made for tamurkhan that were never shown (or widely spoken about for that matter).  Some of which were started, but afaik none of which will be for sale any year soon.

Examples being:

A giant plague toad (not started afaik)

Nurgle knights upgrade (started and beautiful models, but reworked and project killed)

Empire knights upgrade (not started afaik)

Nurgle warriors command (shown already but not sure of release).

I did hear from someone a while back that the taurus pulled chariot that was mentioned in the fluff I deciphered from that photo at the open day has also been started but shelved. Which shows how big they were planning.


I know i really want that daemonsmith with the big hat but theres a chance it won’t come out for a long time.

Shame i was going to buy one instantly.


I heard a lot of those add on kits were going to be reworked because some how they all ended up too small relative to the plastic kits they added onto.