[Archive] Forgeworld Discount Bundles!


Hey i got an email stating that warhammer forge has bundles and at discounts to!

Death Shrieker Rocket, Magma Cannon and Dreadquake Mortar individually costs £149 but in the Bundle you save an impressive £15!


Good times? :hat off


Good times indeed! Not that I’ll have any interest in buying warmachines from them for some years’ time due to economy, but it’s still good to see discounts.


Good times and a nice find. I hadn’t discovered yet.

For me the Bull Centaur Bundle is highly interesting. Now I’ll just have to wait for the destroyer and an order will be placed :smiley:

Does anyone know, whether those will be available forever or just for a short time?

Best DD

Time of Madness:

Nice to see they are offering deals!

Time of Madness