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Greetings everyone:hat off

I shall introduce myself again, my name is Jon and im coming back to Warhammer after a long break. I started playing in 2001 with Vampire Counts and now after many years of off and on 40k and Warmachine ive decided to come back to the light or in this case the dark side.

I was stuck between doing dwarves and brettonians when i stumbled upon this site and was totally blown away by some of the conversions (especially snotlings :)) and made my mind up almost immediatly that i wanted to do a chaos dwarf army.

The idea of a bunch of evil little guys with massive armies of slaves and guns somehow appeals to me. I guess they bring out my evil side.

Ive put together a list here https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5502

let me know if you have any feedback

I figure ill do my Chaos dwarves like the old school ones with helmets and masks with horns, etc. Not sure what i want to do with the beards yet if i want to keep them curly or not.

With the slaves i dont want to convert 75 hobgoblins so ive decided to make the regiments almost entirely out of gnoblars with a few converted hobgoblins thrown in with whips and have them whipping the gnoblars into battle giving the excuse for increased stats due to the gnoblars being whipped into action and the hobgoblins higher rank in chaos dwarf culture.

Im going to do the same with the bolt throwers crews and have some slave goblins with a hobgoblin taskmaster.


Look forward to seeing your army and good luck on your quest with it, oh yeah and welcome to the site as well.


Welcome to the site. Yes Snotling is master, he should be paid by GW for the number of people he manage to attract to the Chaos Dwarfs with his marvellous creations.:hat off

I wish to see him back here sometime in future :rolleyes: .

(by the way, even Cinderhat should come back to working desk and give us some more Cds :shy:)

Nice ideas for your army. I like the idea of the hobgoblin slave masters that whip slaves. Looking forward to see what you get. :hat off

Kera foehunter:

well it sound that your off and going with your army .Good luck !!