[Archive] Forum Competitions, rules and self-voting (now with poll)


Can I add a third suggestion here.  Allow people to self vote just ignore those votes?

What would be the point in that? "It's a llowed to vote for you own entry in the competitions - but thsoe votes are ignored".

Seems to me, that this would only be a way for people to get away with only casting 2 votes. Which I'm oppossed to - as I've written above.

If there's another point to this, than a work around to only vote for two entries - please enlighten me.


I always assumed you couldn’t vote for yourself anyway. IF we had a larger active membership it would be better if participants didn’t get to vote at all.

Fuggit Khan:

I've had a few drinks as it's a tough topic (yeah, that's the level you affect me on Zharr-Naggrund, deal with it).

Oh no! Now look what you've done Bloodbeard! You've driven a fellow Scandinavian to a few drinks! ;P



just voted :wink:

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As the deadline for Scribe’s Contest is a week away. I’ll now be taking this thread to the Staff section for futher discussion.

I’ll still keep an eye on this thread, if any member should come with new poitns of view on the matter. But the poll has been pretty conclusive.

Thanks for taking part in the debate and keeping a good tone through out.


Right now we just tally votes as they come in, adding rules about how votes should be cast means additional overhead for admins when tallying votes, keeping a list of who made which entry and then making sure we watch who is voting and how they are voting.

It Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when I tally votes I have usually forgotten who made which entry, so it s basically a blinded system and I don’t know who has won until I add all the votes and look up who made the entry. I just open messages sent from users, not bothering to see who it is that is sending the votes, and I just add up votes for the anonymized entry numbers… takes maybe 5 minutes and is very little effort.

It’s a little more work to do what is being suggested, but if the community wants it this way, so be it.


Thanks for your appearance Nicodemus!

I guess the result is clear - 18:0. So when do we see the change in the rules?

At the moment the rules are the same: Everything you need to know about the Artisan's and Golden Hat contests.

How do I vote "...You can vote for yourself..."

With best regards!

Been taken to the Staff section yesterday. Final desicion will be taken there. An update would be done before the next competition.



As already said, if there are more than 10 entries the voting will be done by personal message.  Send a pm to the Staff account (as described above) with the 3 entries you consider are best, whatever that means to you.  You don�?Tt need to rank them, or give reasons why. You must place three votes, don't know who deserves your last vote? Choose one at random.

You are not allowed to vote on your own entry in competitions. Self-voting is considered cheating and will result in disqualification.

Compitition Rules
Rules updated.


I’m the one dissenting vote, haha!

Hah, yeah, I always just found it easier to take the votes as they come, if someone wants to vote for themselves and it makes them happy, who am I to stop them.

In all the contests I’ve run, never have those votes been the difference. (Usually they end up being the only person who votes for their entry).

That said, I’ve never voted for myself.