[Archive] Found huge BigHat army on ebay - not mine


I just found this BigHat army on ebay and I thought …  share it with the guys from CDO! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here it is:

ebay BigHat army



Yikes. Looks pretty good and if someone was prepared to spend the money it’s a great way to get into playing Chaos Dwarfs these days.

If the seller had split it up they’d have made more money (had more shipping hassles too) but I might then have been tempted to bid on a few bits and pieces…

Here’s hoping it finds a happy home where they’ll be worked hard and get to kill lots of Dawi scum

Time of Madness:

Nice looking lot there.

I think he has it priced fairly decently as well considering the paint jobs (maybe a little on the high side). Lots of extra unpainted items come with it as well.

Time of Madness

The Stormchild:

Impressive force.

Whoever got their hands on that is one lucky bugger.