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Trying to get back into Warhammer again, and decided to do so by making an army of Evil Clowns. I’ll have to sculpt most of it myself, so it’s quite convenient that I love to Green Stuff :slight_smile:

I made only one model so far, but I’ve plenty of ideas (if not enough Green Stuff) for future clowns, such as an acid flower weapon (cheers to HB for that one :cheers) and an ice cream truck as a vehicle. I just need to figure out which army rules I wanna use.

Anyway, here’s the first model:

It’s not exactly as smooth as I’d want it to be, and the arms are a bit disproportioned, but I’m still quite happy with it :slight_smile: Comments would be most welcome.

Kera foehunter:

i say wood elf rules!!or orc and goblins

just think of the doomdiver a clown shot out of a canon!!

now that would br freaking cool !!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mayhaps go with Imperial guard? The acid flower can be a flamer, the ice cream truck can squirt ice cream and be a hellhound/chimera or something…

You need a monkey playing an organ :wink:

Looking excellent, me laddie. I like what ye did to the jacket in the end…

Make a daemonic evil clown with a face like the one in your avatar (the scale might be too small for that, but a daemonette head could easily be the basis fo that one)…

Gotta have the ringmaster with a power weapon whip! (Commisar?)

Acrobats could be the acrobatic style Imperial assasins, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Strongman Ogryns?

Sideshow Ratling snipers…

Looking good and can’t wait to see more :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. You’re welcome for the idea: I just want to see it happen, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s about 5 months later, and this update has not one, but TWO whole new models! Hurray!

This one I made a while ago, ‘‘just get a bit closer… c’mon… bit closer…’’

And this one I finished yesterday, complete with bunny suit:

I’m determined to speed this army up a bit (decided to go with Ork rules in the end), and I’ve almost finished a clown tricycle and am about to start on the rider, this will be the boss on a warbike. Together with an angry Santa Clause wielding a big shoota, it will hopefully be finished in a week or two. I also really need to sculpt a bit smoother, as right now the models are not what they could be…



even though I wonder why clowns allways have to be evil, this is real good looking stuff, all of them! the bunny shoes are so great, I’ll try to consider this idea on some Hobbos!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent work. I want to see a whole unit of these by the end of the month :wink: Get to it, laddie! Also, I wanna see my acid flower idea!

Truly brilliant and it’ll be a blast getting killed by them!


oh thats cool…evil clowns…nice minis

cant wait to see them painted

hope the tricycle will be an bigwhell


Very nice. I love it. I second the idea for Imperial Guard rules.


Excellent sculpting Evil clown. I can’t wait to see more.


Another model for your entertainment, the tricycle. Obviously still WIP:

And the first clown, with some colour slapped on him:

Hope you like 'em and I appreciate the replies, even if I do seem to wait a month before each post :o

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent progress on the tricycle so far! Any extras planned for the tricycle itself or just need to sculpt its rider?

The clown looks great, but just wondering if a little clown make-up should be added on top of the white?