[Archive] friday the 13

Kera foehunter:

so do you think it a bad luck day

or not ???


No i belive that we make our own luck in this world, to day is just another day , well a good day as its nearly the weekend :cheers


Actually Loki’s resposible for the idea behind 13 being the bringer of bad luck! Loki, the Norse god that is, not Loki from above… :wink:


13 is the luckiest number in the world:P

Dont believe the hype:D


one and the same Obsidian :slight_smile: best bit is my house number is 13


13 is the 6th prime number.



I had my 13th birthday on friday the 13th…

it’s only an unlucky number if you happen to be unlucky… other than that, meh, it’s another day. no luckier or unluckier than the previous or following days.


today is skavenday…


Gah, you had to go and remind me! I have a very important presentation to make later today and now I have a feeling its not going to go well… /sigh

Although in general, it hasn’t been a bad day for me over the years.


13 is my favorite number, back in the day when I played football it was my number then too.


I joke “I picked 13 as my lucky number as my process of elimination, since everyone else doesn’t pick 13 and is unlucky, the lucky number must be 13.”


I wore 13 when I played high school soccer.

I used 13 on my Slot Cars when I raced them.


No! :hat off

It´s just a normal day!!!



Every now and then my birthday is on a 13th… and I got my salary today so it seems good so far!

But see other thread on plane crash… that will so be linked together.

Gaz Taylor:

Is Friday the 13th a unlucky day? Well my day has gone so far…

1) I’ve been up half the night with a ‘bowel complaint’ and haven’t been feeling too good all day

2) I’ve taken the day off work to go out delivering for my wife for her flower shop which hasn’t been pleasant with the above. She’s sent me home after a couple of deliveries.

3) I’ve won a couple of BL books in a contest

4) I get my valentine stuff tonight because of how busy my wife is going to be tomorrow!

So it’s a bit so so for me and it’s just like any other day!

zorn sabretooth:

well it was unlucky for the knights templar

Kera foehunter:

how many of you lucky 13 people. Has a 13 tattoo on the hand between the thumb and the pointer finger???

it lucky for me because its a friday

Snow blizz haw can you have you birthday now and then on the 13 ???


It is snowing and we’ll probably get several inches at least. This proves it is unlucky to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I narrowly avoided taking my truck into the ditch to day so I consider myself lucky.

I was on a snowy county highway I don’t travel much and I forgot the road curves sharply. Needless to say I was roused from my National Public Radio induced lethargy by the rumble warning strip on the road. Lets just say I tried to follow the road and around the corner, but the truck fishtailed too much to go that way so i diverted the truck down a gravel county road fishtailing like crazy all the way. Somehow I managed to skid into and up somebody’s driveway and come to a stop about 200 feet from the pavement.

I was lucky I did not ditch the truck. I sure was awake after that.


Glad to hear you managed to somehow avoid an accident Maul. Our roads are not exactly safe in this weather.