[Archive] From Humble Beginnings


I’ve noticed some resentment, both on this site and on HoH, over the fact that Chaos Dwarfs made their army list debut in the pages of White Dwarf rather than in their own Army Book. This gave me pause to think back to another army that made it’s less-than-grand entrance in the pages of WD, a little known 40K army called the “Tyranids”.

This had to be the mother of all hand-me-down armies. For those of you not staring at their copy of WD 145, please allow me to present their army list in a nutshell:

Tyranid Battle Squads:- Plastics from the ‘Advanced Space Crusade’ game

Hunter-Slayer Squads:- These may have been new sculpts. Even my encyclopedic knowledge has it’s lapses

Genestealer Purestrains/Hybrids/Magi/Patriarchs: All courtesy of 'Space Hulk’

Brood Brothers:- A spot for your unused Imperial Guard squads or ‘Confrontation’ gang members

Zoats:- "Hi remember us from the ‘Rogue Trader’ release? You might also recall our friends the Slann and the Enslavers. Please include us in your lame army?"

Screamer-Killer:- The OG Carnifex. Again perhaps a new model, but garbage nonetheless.

Squig-Swarm:- Perhaps the source of the worst bit of GW fluff ever,“The Orks recognised the Squigs as Orky and the Squigs seemed to recognise the Boyz…blah-blah-blah…the Orks took them home and incorporated them into their explosion-in-a-paint-factory-cartoon army fluff.” barf:sick

and finally…

Mind Slave Squad:- Basically a place to stuff any random squads you have sitting unfinished on your painting table under the pretext of some weak fluff.

So really, if an army that started off this poorly can become the galaxy-threatening menace it is today, how long can it be until we have the Empire in flames and Karl Franz leading the slave train back to the Dark Lands?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well the Necrons started off even worse: only one type of warrior and a scarab, that was it. Later these were complemented by a fast attack choice and a stronger warrior, eventually they got a lord. Still a very humble start in White Dwarf - for an army that eventually turned into a full-blown 40k force and one of the biggest threats to the galaxy fluff-wise.


i used to like that old screamer killer!

and necrons werent very popular at all they even gave you one free with the magazine! a metal one at that.now thats something that never happens anymore.


It’s not that their debut was in WD, it’s that they never had an army book that wasn’t just a compilation of WD articles.

It took a long long time for Tyranids to become popular, probably because the models were pretty ugly.



Jeez, I forgot about the Necrons. Yeah, they has it rough in the beginning. But at least GW didn’t try to tack on a bunch of unreleated stuff to try and fill out their list. Like cyber-mind slaves, or techno-virus infected vehicles from other armies… Borg Zombies…

I should probably stop before they start getting ideas…