[Archive] Frustrations with Decimators

Green Knight:

So I’ve started an Abyssal Dwarf army for Kings of War, and ended up with two different units of Decimators, and so far I’m not pleased with either. Does anyone know when Mantic will be releasing plastic Decimators, or can someone point me to good alternatives? Because thus far, I’m really, really frustrated with my options for Decimators at the moment.

First up, the Mantic Decimators I received in the Abyssal Dwarf Mega Force the other day. These guys are lame.

1) They look terrible. Particularly the ones with the piece that goes on their helmets. At least the ones with the pewter heads look a bit better.

2) They’re incredibly top heavy, so they fall over all the time.

3) They’re incredibly difficult to rank up. I can’t tell you how long I spent trying to assemble these guys so they could rank up, and I dread the idea of the trouble I’d have to go through to get another 10 and try to get them to rank up as a Regiment.




I also ordered another 10 models from Russian Alternative.




I don’t have of the Mantic Decimators or RA Fireglaives. I do have FW Fireglaives that I got when they were released.

But I to my shame I haven’t assembled them yet after giving up due to fat finger syndrome.

My only saving grace suggestion is that you don’t need the full ten models in a regiment sized unit for KoW as all the unit sizes are standardised


Titan Wargames makes blunderbusses. They are cheap and they look cool :slight_smile:


The problems you have are not new.

Against the top heaviness glue a coin under the base and/or under the miniature.

And for the ranking problem put the minatures in the rear rank on slighty higher bases.

And youz may take a look at the → Image GalleryChaos Dwarf Infantry - Warriors/Infernal Guard w/Blunderbusses or Fireglaives.

There you find various troops. The pics maybe help you.