[Archive] FS: OOP Chaos Dwarfs and lots of other old lead


Hi all,

Looking to move the following items, prices are listed beside the pics otherwise offers are accepted. Larger lots will get better prices. Shipping will be determined according to location, payment expected to be made as a gift (family/friends type) or as payment for goods with 3% added to cover fees. I would also consider trading for the full Skullz Adeptus Mechanicus set.

EC04 Pan Tangian tigers w/handler, £25:

Chaos dwarfs, some rare ones here, offers accepted:

Misc. dwarfs, undead, squats and Eternal Champion, offers accepted:

C16 ogres, £12 each:

Nurgle plaguemarines, offers accepted:

Baby dragons £10, hatchling £5, Jabberwock £25, Black dragon £29:

Genestealer hybrid, £14:

Nick Lund/Chronicle Goblin Warlord’s Chariot, bids accepted:

LE Chaos Santa, basecoated white, £14:

Finely painted dwarfs from my collection, offers accepted:

Nicely painted squats, offers accepted:

Misc old elves, offers accepted:




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just sent a PM !

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