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Fun list number 1

The Running of the Bulls aka “that’s some bullsh!t” No shooting , melee combat list, with bonus magic hilarity.

This is a "Strong Center’ “pincer” army.

The Running of the bulls


Sorcerer Prophet
Level 4
Lore of Hashut
Bale Taurus
Talismen of Preservation
Enchanted Shield
Healing potion

Infernal Castellan
Battle Standard Bearer
Mask of the Furnace
Shield 2

Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guardx39
Great Weapons 1
Full Command
Banner of Swiftness

Bull Centuar Renders x9
Full Command

Bull Centuar Renders x9
Full Command
K’daai Destroyer

60 pts free with the S-P
115 free with Drazhoath

You can tweak the bulls and core a bit (there is 100ish pts of squish), based on what you face with either Hw/S for the core or GW’s vs stronger armies or GW on the BC’s if you face tougher stuff.
Also recommended are the flaming banner and War banner.

Basically set up like this with the Lord as close to the other enemies wizard:


Try to get Drazhoath into combat on turn 2 vs the enemies strongest wizard. Be sure to challenge. Unless you think you can wipe him out on directed attacks alone.

He has to survives this on a challenge, if he declines point this at the unit, direct attacks to the wizard.

Put the destroyer into the Armies general/BSB.

Run the “speedy” dwarfs up the gut. Make sure they are as wide as possible. Make sure to get Hatred off on these guys.
10 wide 4 deep GW horde that is stubborn on a re-rollable LD 9 "come at me bro"
1. Put the BSB on the corner to avoid directed attacks vs him/ challenge something that can’t hurt him.  
2.  ASL swing back with 38 S6 attacks…Kill anything.

Flank with BC’s doing to do more wounds/Combat rez. per unit:. 19 attacks plus stomp.

Win swinging or get shot to sh!t vs any army with shooting or I tested of the board.


I really like this - How many points is it total?

Only 5 drops though… Out-deployed every game…


Yeah, out deployed. That said, with Drazhoath, you could probably squeeze in 2 sets of hobgoblin wolf riders for an extra 2 drops with vanguard at that.

As someone who plays purely melee dwarfs sometimes I approve of this LOA list and was planning on comming up with a pure melee LOA list also. Only thing is I wasn’t going to take a Destroyer which makes things harder. Those 2 squads of Centaurs will bring the pain.

If only you could field a solo unriden bull taurus as a rare choice at Storm of Magic Cost. Alas


I really like this - How many points is it total?

Only 5 drops though... Out-deployed every game...

2500 pts total but there is some squish with how its written.
You can change the weapons on the troops and or subtract a few.

I don't mind being out dropped. If you worried about breaking because of getting flanked smoosh the BC's together add a hero with the stubborn crown.
Then only the lord can be budged, and he shouldn't be losing combat because of challenges ect.

richard barby:

that does look fun i think a lot of armys are not going to like the look of it you have stomps and thunderstomps everywhere its brilliant

2 karns on wolfs to redirect a bit would help though