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Furnace Avatar - Demon Prince of Hashut

By: MadHatter and Bloodbeard

As the number and strength of the Dawi Zharr has increased over the millennia, so has the power of the Father of Darkness. In his dark fortress of brass and obsidian the Lord Hashut has gathered many lesser demons by his side. Some treacherous, envious or angry with personal reasons for forsaking and rebelling against their former masters - The Great Four.

Others first lured to the Dawi Zharr by great sacrificial slaughter rituals led by Sorcerer-Prophets, only to be bound, broken and banished to eternal slavery under The Father Of Darkness.

Of all the demons now in the service of Lord of Darkness, none are stronger than the Demon Princes of Hashut - The Furnace Avatar. And when released on the world destruction and war is bound to follow. An Avatar may have many forms, sometimes shaped as a great flaming bull, a huge brazen Juggernaugt or a giant Dawi Zharr.

Unlike the nature of the K’daii, mundane in their slavery, the Furnace Avatar is a true daemon, a herald of the Dark Father. When send to Zharr-Naggrund the priesthood of the Great Temple will gather and the Dawi Zharr armies will muster to ensure the will of the Master is done.

Only the strongest of Prophets may hope to be blessed with understanding of the great scheme of plans. But legend has is that the Furnace Avatars, the messengers of Hashut, always work to ensure their masters will and power. Ensuring parts of the plan to overthrow one or more of the Great Four from the Realm of Chaos. For only one God and one race are destined to rule the World and dominate all others to slavery.

The inspiration

MadHatter put an old Nagash up for sale and someone Herby said “Kill it with fire!”. A lot of comments on how ugly this old miniature followed. Well I instantly wanted to convert something cool from it.

Then MadHatter said: "I have an idea how I will play the model haha… if one where to field a WoC list according to the Tamurkhan with a Daemonprince general  and bring in the maximum legal amount of Chaos Dwarf allies (Daemonsmith, Castellan BSB as Heroes, IG as Special, Magmacannon, ID and Deathshrieker as rare)… one could make a core out of marauders (blended “wretched slaves) or smith.”

Of cause that is the way to go, so I’ve got myself an old Nagash! And now it’s competition time!

Competition: Build a Furnace Avatar - Demon Prince of Hashut

Primary objective: Get an old Nagash miniature. Convert a Chaos Dwarf Demon Prince from it. Paint it. Send pictures of it to Bloodbeard. A post with a poll will be made and the more or less anonymous Demon Princes, will be voted on.

Deadline: None as of yet. Golden Hats and other project may take precedence. So take I easy and be cool. You state if you want to be in on the fun. If you join late, just send a PM and ask how long we are, we’ll make time for you.

Prize: None as of yet. Something might come up.

Secondary objective (optional): Fluff, your Demon Prince’s history, road to demonhood, slavery or rebellion. Artwork, pictures or drawings of the Nagash inspired Demon Prince. Rules, an add-on to the Legion of Azgorh list with rules for the Demon Prince of Hashut. Even if you don’t join with a miniature, feel free to submit some of the above,

On the Sorcerers Curse and the nature of demons

K’daii are mundaned by their earthly slavery, thus able to die. A demon prince is eternal, just getting thrown into the warp somewhere when killed. They are magical beings and the magic is part of chaos. The Sorcerers Curse hit the Dawi Zharr, because they are not supposed to do magic. They are dwarfs and they been taught magic by a great demon - there’s bound to be side effects. But this would not affect demons.

How to include it in an army

There are several possible ways to include your Demon Prince.

1. Stick him on a cool 100*150 scenic base. Field him as a k’daii destroyer.

2. Include him as Be’lakor in your army.

3. Build a WoC army using Thamurkhan as play him as a Demon Prince.

I will be using warhounds and Forgetaken (Forsaken) as core in the WoC list, and max rares for Chaos Dwarf Warmachines, max heroes from the LoA list, and the rest goes into special with Infernal Guard.

The Forgetaken: the Furnace Avatar, a Master at the Lore of Metal, turns slaves offered unto him into a black charred metalskeletal slavehorde. The DP has to be marked, however the Lore of Tzeentch can be exchanged for the Lore of Metal. He’ll use Chaos Mutations: flaming body and flaming breath.

4. Build a Tamurkhan WoC list allied with a Chaos Dwarf list.
In 2000 point battles going something like this:

WOC-part 1000:

Lord: Demon Prince - 235p

Core: Warriors (Black orcs, gleaming pennant for LD-reroll lacking BSB ) warhounds (wolves), chariots (converted with 4 hobgoblins in each due to 4 attacks), marauders (almost orc profile! No animosity and -1T due to slave nature) - 250p

Special: Infernal Guard 290p (still allows magic banner!)

Rare: Hell Cannon 210p

CD-part 1000:

Heroes: Castellan BSB (working on IG unit 1), daemonsmith - 250 p

Core: Include hobgoblins and second infernal (magic banner 2!) regiment 250p (minimum)

Special: Magma Cannon, Death Shrieker, Bull Centauers up to 500p

Rare: Perhaps some wolf raiders.

The orcs would be a good reason why the BSB re-roll can’t be used in all the WoC list. But can still be used on WoC hell cannon and WoC infernal guard.

5. Some kind of house rules or just sticking a Demon Prince in the army, perhaps forgoing the Destroyer in stead. Depending on your environment.

Best regards

MadHatter and Bloodbeard


Its on!

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Great idea, it will be fun to see what you can do with it… :slight_smile:

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

i totally already have one :wink: He’s my Tzeentch Daemonprince though :frowning:

Not saying i could compete at the level of the folks around here hehe just saying i already got one but he’s not really a hobby masterpiece :wink:

I’m pumped to paint him now!


i totally already have one ;) He's my Tzeentch Daemonprince though :(
Not saying i could compete at the level of the folks around here hehe just saying i already got one but he's not really a hobby masterpiece ;)
I'm pumped to paint him now!

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed
Just use red, gold and black - he'll be a Hashut follower in no time.


Good luck to all those that enter.


I love it, but don’t have time sadly. Can’t wait to see the contributions though, both conversions and rules


Very good idea and background! Nice initiative. This ties in nicely with the attempts to bring in mytholocial Daemons in the CD culture project, such as in Mold’s Gold and the Shackled Consorts of the Bull God. Being part of Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs really need Daemons around, whether in smithing, magic, myths or on the battlefield.

The funny thing is, Baggronor already have a fantastic Furnace Avatar at the altar in his army. Although Nagash plays no part in it.

Good luck to all those who enters! I’ll probably have too many projects to keep me busy to enter, but I’ll follow this closely. :cheers


Btw what are those Belakor rules you are talking about? Where can I find them?


Btw what are those Belakor rules you are talking about? Where can I find them?

They came out in december af a 'gift' to the players. Something about all armies able to use him through a scroll of binding. You can buy the rules for 30dkk on GWs website. Really should come free with the miniature - GW in a nutshell.


. Really should come free with the miniature - GW in a nutshell.

Psst, don't let GW read this or they'll use it as an excuse to bump up the price of the mini



Think I found them.  Asked google for a Be'lakor rules download.

Is it legal for you to link to copyrighted material on here?


Thx Bloodbeard. He is a beast indeed, but only useable by WoC and DoC sadly. If I can get him house ruled, I might make join the contest.


Yeah we should properbly just use PMs for that kinda stuff :wink: