[Archive] FW BC's and Minotaurs same size


I got my Minotaurs in yesterday and the scale is basically identical to the FW Bull Centaurs.  Hands are exactly the same size and are also smooth so you don’t have to shave off any fur.  I was able to easily convert a Standard Bearer and Musician using the Minotaur bits.  There’s also plenty of weapon options (GW’s, left and right hand axes, etc) so anyone wanting to run two hand weapons can easily do it using the Minotaur options.  The only downside is the axes themselves aren’t as fancy (use wood handles, etc).  GW’s will be a bit tougher.  The Minotaur arms, hands and weapons are the same scale so if you want to use the BC torso’s, with the Mino arms, it looks doable, but there’s going to be some cutting and green stuff.  The Mino torso’s look like they can be used (making the arm swaps easier), but they do have a hunchback aspect to them that might not be as appealing but if you know how to sclupt a little it might not be a problem if you don’t want the hunchback.  Just thought I’d share the info in case anyone was wondering.



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I took a few pics so you can see the size comparison.







Da Crusha:

thanks for posting these TVandyke. these are really helpful.