[Archive] Game last night


Had an interesting game last night against some dark elves at 1000pts

I had

Daemonsmith lvl 2 death magic

Infernal Castellan

15 Infernal Guard FC

10 Infernal Guard Fireglaves

Magma Cannon


Hobgoblin Wolf raiders Spears and standard

He had

Supreme Sorceress lvl 3 Pendant of Khaeleth (and another magic item I can�?Tt remember)

20 Black Ark corsairs FC


10 Cold One Knights FC Dread Knight with magic weapon

As I was looking at the board I set up left to right:-

Wolf Raiders, Fireborn, IG, Fireglaves Below and in front of magma cannon, Magma Cannon On a hill, Daemonsmith (within 3�?� of magma cannon)

He set up

Sorceress, Corsairs, RXB,�?��?��?��?��?�…Cold ones

First turn.

I moved the K�?TDaai and Wolf raiders as far forward as possible. Wolf Raiders along the flank with the idea of getting behind the DE lines. K�?TDaai straight at the corsairs hoping to engage before they self-destructed. Moved the fireglaves towards a building as they were not in range of anything to shoot. Moved the IG unit up next to a building.

Magic I failed to cast Purple Sun and nothing else was in range.



Nice report, thx. I just ordered my k`daii for a unit of 6. Hope they do as good for me.


I had a unit of 3 but I think a unit of 6 would be much more able to withstand the dreaded burning bright rule.

Another 3 just may be my next purchase




Thanks for the report and congrats on the great result.

Mad Dave:

nice report and gz on the victory