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I was making a games table and I wanted to texture it with sand, so I glue some sand down with watered down wood glue, but I don’t think that it will still be textured after I paint it. I put down another layer of sand, but does anyone know how to get it textured? Sorry for the runalong sentences:P


Textured paint works well, just look in your nearest hardware store for some, slop it on with a big-ass brush, and when its dried, just drybrush over it like sand, add static grass etc and done :)!


yeah you can eve get thats flecked stuff in a spray can, spray it on then paint it when its dry.


Also if you paint over the sand after it is glued down with heavily diluted white glue it seals everything in, like a varnish. Then just drybrush and it will be all good!

Traitor King:

When I made mine, I got the paint I needed (some green paint from B&Q) and just mixed in some sand, making quick and effective textured paint. Then I just painted the board with this.


GW’s ‘How To Make Wargames Terrain’ book has an awesome section on texturing games tables. There is also advice in the ‘Warhammer General’s Compendium’.

Traitor King:

I didnt find the book that usful (for making boards), it requires a huge amount of sand and PVA glue, wheras the method I used was quick and simple and didnt realy require much matterials.

Note that the book is otherwise a good buy.