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I am fairly certain this has been mentioned before on this board, but… for all the raising of model prices, discontinuing of favorite models, and the end of the Bitz (which I really loved), I’d like to say that Games Workshop’s customer service isn’t all bad!

When I made my last order, I ordered a couple Sabretusks which I am going to make into my Battle Tigers. When I opened the package I realized that I couldn’t fit the pieces I had together into 2 models-- I seemed to be missing a head (actually, I was given 2 of the same body since one of the bodies comes with a head). So I sent them an email saying that one of the Sabretusks was missing a head and if they could attach it to my next order, I’d appreciate it.

Instead they rush mailed me another blister of Sabretusks for free! :o

The blister goes for $22 through their site and so getting the whole blister when I would have been quite content on picking up a head on my next order is quite a shock!

So now I have 3 complete Sabretusks and one headless one… and I suppose I could just attach a wolf head (I have plenty of extra) to the headless one maybe adding a bit of greenstuffed detail and once it is painted up it probably still work.


Some nice moments in their relations:

When I first started I got the 6th Edition Starter Box. It was missing the Empire stuff, I called and asked for replacements. They said it’d take 6-8 weekes. 10/11 weeks later I called back, asking about it. They sent another batch out and said I ended up getting both, I could keep both. I got both.

A box of Savage Orcs that apparently had command when it wasn’t supposed to. They sent me three Savages to fill in.

I bought a Steam Tank that was missing the Engineer and some bits… they sent me a whole new Stank! :o


I guess its the Law of Averages at work, I seem to run afoul of them and then get some good news out of them and then bad… What shocks me is the amount of incompetence and inconsistency from the company and that while the customer might have amends made, he is ultimately put out of time.

Here’s some of my stories:

First, a bad one. When GW Black Library put out “The Art of Adrian Smith” I ordered a copy immediately - through my local GW store in Mapleview Mall, Burlington. I’m still waiting over 3 years later. I reminded them of it once and they said: you’ll have to order it through GW Head Office, Oakville. So, I did. Nothing… Since the time I placed the order, GW stores stopped carrying the large format art books and then, at some later time, started carrying them again.  A few months back, I bought the collected Horus Heresy art book from GW Mapleview on a whim, but have never seen head nor hair of my order.

My FLGS, Phoenix Rising, said they could get Black Library books… but only novels, not the art books. I was told that I could order it through… GW stores… The vicious cycle continues.  I’ve long since given up trying to get the book, it just wasn’t worth it. Of course, I could just get it directly from the Black Library…

Which brings me to my “good” stories:

Forgeworld… I order Inquisitor Lok, a servitor, titan techpriest and a floating servo skull, right when Inquisitor Lok was about to ship. The order didn’t arrive… I waited like 3 months and then decided to email Forgeworld about the issue. I got no reply but two weeks later, I got my order.

Then about 2-3 weeks later, I got it AGAIN!! Wow!!  Not bad… Fast forward to last November. When the Ork Warboss on Trike was put up for pre-order, I order it, some chainaxes, Evil Sunz logo and a Red Scorpion Veteran upgrade. I eagerly await my order, hoping to get it by Christmas. After a month of waiting, I email them to find out what’s going on - this time I get a reply: they said they shipped the order last November and it must have gotten lost in the mail. They sent out a replacement order and I got it literally 2 days later - IMPRESSIVE!! I open it up and… the Ork Warboss on Trike is missing… I write an email asking where it is since it was the reason I placed the order in the first place: has it gone missing? Is it in a separate package??? Well, a day later I got that  too… Checking the shipping manifest there was tiny print at the bottom of the order saying that this order was on backorder, but it didn’t say what was back ordered and the manifest said that the entire shipment was included.

I’m still wondering if I’ll get another package with it all in… again.  Sure, I made good on those points, but at the expense of my time.

And don’t get me started on the incompetence by our local Games Day…  The last time I went to Games Day (2006 IIRC), I was informed that I had to get in line to receive my exclusive model that I had paid an extra $20 or so with my ticket (pre-ordered months ago). They were supposed to be handed out with admission, but since the lines at the convention center were so long, they moved people through quickly without handing over the model. They just waved us in and didn’t even take out tickets. When inside, I tried to track down the model. I was told by staff that I had to go to the admission booths to get it. Which meant leaving the convention hall… So, I went there, waited 10 mins and was then told they had none left!!  The staff member at the booth then asked someone else and was told “they have them at the exclusive store” inside the convention hall, which meant getting in line for admission again… So, more walking - get to the exclusive store, explain the situation and they said get into the line. Waiting in line, 30 mins later, finally get to the cashier with the model and they tell me that they’d have to get one of the admin staff to sign off on the transaction. I had to wait another 10 mins for the guy to show.  I understand that they don’t want to give out more than one model per ticket holder, but I felt this was really poorly handled and to add insult to injury they made me, the pre-ordering customer, run all over the convention hall to get something that should have been handed out immediately. The fact that I had to eventually get my “exclusive ticket holder model” from the store inside was the final straw, IMO.

Since then, I’ve gotten my exclusive GW models through my network of contacts and not even bothered going to Games Day. Its just not worth the hassle!

A similar thing happened with Conflict Toronto, when the Wood Elves came out. Free Dryad with every ticket!! Get to the show rather late 10:30 ish, doors open at 9am I think, and they say they’re all out of dryads. I take them at face value and go in and walk past the in-show store and low and behold stacks and stacks of Dryad boxes… FOR SALE. They couldn’t even be bothered to break open another box of Dryads for their ticket holders… And the show itself was a complete bomb IMO.

Ok, you got me started! Now I’m all riled up! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!


I have generally found that if GW shorts you something or a box is short something then they move quickly to correct. That said, the loss of bits orders still hurts.


I still have a subscription of White Dwarf that is delivered to the store (GE Franklin Mills). The first time I renewed it I had 4 issues left because there was a deal to get 3 free issue when renewing. Well for some reason their computers never logged in the renewal, but I had a record of the renewal so they finally fixed the problem and since they were now offering 4 free issues (plus the 2 free issues the store already gave me) they added them all together. I ended up getting 7 free (well really 9) issues.

Now the subscription was getting low and they said I could renew before the price increase, I nearly didn’t but my wife likes reading it. So I did renew it for 2 years. The next issue I received two copies one says I have 3 issues repaining the other say 11 remaining. The store called up (everybody that renewed had the problem) and they tell me that it’s a computer issue and it’ll be fixed next issue. The next 3 issues I have recieved two copies (My wife is happy to have her own copy) and the store calls and tell me that it’ll be fixed next issue. I got the call the new issue is in, and it better say I have 23 issues remaining, or another phone call to headquarters the store will be making.


When I worked for GW 5 or 6 years ago there were problems regularly with bitz orders.  So I often had to explain to customers that it was the mail order system and not the staff in the store!  Also I made a lot of complimentary new orders for people to replace things. I don’t think I even ever got a bitz order of my own that wasn’t missing stuff!

Generally speaking the folk in the shops are alright, although I’ve noticed lately that they think less and less for themselves, at least in Calgary.  That is, when I worked for GW everyone was into Specialist games and some people played Confrontation on the side and people talked about cool conversion projects.  But these days when I try to chat about chaos dwarfs, or mordheim, or warhammer quest they just give blank stares.  Basically it seems that if you aren’t talking about the new releases for 40k or fantasy then they just can’t be bothered, which is unfortunate.  

When I told one staffer that I was putting together a Warhammer Quest set from scratch, he thought I was talking about a completely different company and asked if “it was like Dungeons and Dragons”!!  Which is ironic because that’s often what people ask about GW in general when they haven’t ever heard of the stuff.  I had to explain to him that GW existed before 2002 and 6th edition.

Ghrask Dragh:

I never use GamesWorkshop anymore, when I did order from them they did have a good track record (I have a massive stack of GW order receipts) I have to say, the one time there was a problem with my order it was resolved in a day or two and I remember being very pleased about it.

The reason I don’t is costs, the are ridiculous!! GW 3-6 day delivery (which NEVER arrived in 3 days) was something like £4 the last time I looked, with Maelstrom I get their FREE delivery in about 2 days, 3 tops, aswell as money off the miniatures in the first place. GW just aren’t worth the money they are asking for IMHO.

EDIT: I just visited the site and tried to checkout just to see if the whole £4 P&P thing was still the right price, I had to register with them to put the order through (fair enough) first of all when I tried to register with them it said my post code was invalid, I’m sure I got it right but that may have been my fault and I got it wrong, I thought no worries I’ll try again, when I did wouldn’t let me select UK instead of USA, everytime I did the page reloaded back to one with the USA as my place of residence… F’ GW, everything they do drives me insane!!

Kera foehunter:

the only problem i every had i order , a dwarf from the flame canon and they sent the

wrong guy twice!!then they said he was out of stock

so i never order anything else from them


Say what you will, that’s one area where GW has always tried to do people right.

The cost of the models themselves is fairly trivial so it is easy to just replace all than to find that one part you miss.

One of the few places the complaints are usually followed by a satisfied customer.


Customer Service is always a dubious thing, sure they sent you some more parts, of course a better solution would be to get the stuff right the first time…


Customer Service is always a dubious thing, sure they sent you some more parts, of course a better solution would be to get the stuff right the first time...

You know what they say: let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

For anyone familiar with with human cognitive error research it is obvious how utopian it is to expect perfection. And we don't hear about all the times it got right do we? Almost anytime someone has a problem they seem satisfied with the resolution. GW has a lot of issues, this has been the only one people are generally pleased with.


So the customer is wrong in expecting the seller to get it right the first time?

This of course would be pallatable if it weren’t for the fact that last time I ordered from GW they got the same order wrong… 4 times in a row.


GW also realizes how much some of us spend on their games as well. When some people drop a thousand or even more US Dollar/Euros/Pounds/etc a year… the money the lose by simply sending a replacement for an error is not outrageous and is probably a lot cheaper then massive inspections of all boxes before shipping.

Kera foehunter:

Willmark maybe the know your plan about taken G W dowm !!


I’ve often wondered how much sending out spare stuff to replace faulty orders has cost GW over the years. You’d think it would just be cheaper to hire smarter mail order people who actually know what they’re doing.


Perhaps this is the reasoning behind their expensive product line…

Ghrask Dragh:

I've often wondered how much sending out spare stuff to replace faulty orders has cost GW over the years.  You'd think it would just be cheaper to hire smarter mail order people who actually know what they're doing.

:D Amen

I remember when I placed an order for one of the Dawn of War games from an online company, I shall not say who *cough*play.com*cough*, easy enough I thought. So you can understand my disbelief when a copy of She's the Man arrived through my door, bad enough right getting those mixed up but it gets worse... the DVD was actually wrapped in a receipt clearly saying I had bought Dawn of War, how stupid have you got to be to wrap she's the f'n man in a receipt for a Dawn of War!!


how stupid have you got to be to wrap she's the f'n man in a receipt for a Dawn of War!!

Ghrask Dragh
That made me laugh. Have some slaves :cheers


Hehe, play.com sent me two copies of the same order. I told them, and they wanted me to pay to send them back! I didn’t bother, didn’t get charged the extra, and sold them on ebay.

Kera foehunter:

ha ha ghrask !! i bet you watch ed the movie thow