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what are the games day figures out there

the orc

the daemon slayer

archaon on foot?

what else

Dark Haven:


Bret Hero on foot

Space Marine hero

Ghrask Dragh:

from ‘The Stuff of Legends’, amazing website with just about every miniature ever made.

Citadel Limited Editions - 1995 On

I actually got onto the site this year with my entry for the Diorama catagory at Games Day.

UK Golden Demons 2007

(check out the carnifex attacking the tank at the bottom of the page :))



Kera foehunter:

wow thanks for the post Ghrask.


:slight_smile: check out stuff of legends:o wow thank you so much for exposing me to this:cheers and my hats off on your dioramma:hat off

just wow:exclamation: