[Archive] Games workshop Gothenburg 120 W ( need assistance! )

Tyranoth The Ashen:

So they is haveing a new tournament on Dec 23. So I am going with the Chaos Dwarfs for this to break some skulls.

Army list.

Drazhoath the Ashen 13 W

Magma Cannon 6 W

Magma Cannon 6 W

Dreadquake Mortar 8 W

Fireglaves 34 W

Ironsworn 30 W

Deamonsmith 5 W

Deamonsmith 5 W

Deamonsmith 5 W

Iron Demon 11 W

120 Wounds.

I am still worry for I know for a fact that there will be this dude who got the new Archaon Everchosen model whit the knights. I don’t know how to deal with him. Any tips.

Archaon Everchosen



take an assassin, someone tooled up with some nice weapons like a Dark Elf or Vampire.