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I’ve been reading a lot of these on the web and thought it might be fun to start our own thread up.

Note: This doesn’t necessarily have to be slagging off at GW employees or the company in general - just experiences you’ve had that made you bite your nails, laugh, or cower in the corner.

I’ll start off.

Anyhow, my FLGW is about a 1.5 hour drive from where I live, so I make the pilgrimage once everynow and then to do some gaming, but mainly to buy paints and other such frivolities.

During the time I went in (the weeks before Storm of Magic was released) the staff decided to do a random Apocalypse event to lure in new players (they had a 3k a side, four-player game set up with Blood Angels and Ultramarines vs. Orks and Chaos)

So, there is four beautifully painted armies on a 12x8 table set up specifically for this event, and a parent decides “oooh, Games Workshop - I should leave my kids there while I go shopping” and leaves her two children, a 10 or so years old girl and a 12 year old boy.

The manager greets them and offers to show them how to play, and him and the boy set up with the Chaos and Ultramarines.

They play a few quick turns while the girl explores the shop. I’m talking to some other people painting.

The boy sees the Stompa set up with the Orks and asks “what’s this? It looks massive”

The manager replies “It’s a Stompa”

Now, really, saying this in the presence of a small child really does have to be a bit of a faux pas, especially considering he never told them these were not toys.

The girls eyes light up instantly and I could tell something was about to happen.

Anyhow, I continue painting my 'nids, when I hear from the tables


The girl was picking up the Stompa and smashing it into the Blood Angels army. I almost felt like crying if I didn’t feel so much like laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

Needles to say, the manager contacted Security to put out a PA asking for the parents to come back, where he had a stern word of them. I don’t know if there were any real repercussions, but I have to say - that was the most points of kills I’ve ever seen a Stompa do in an Apocalypse battle :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies for the narrative style - it’s late over here.

Anyhow, feel free to add to it :slight_smile:


Haha, that’s hilarious!

I can’t think of any real horror story but some odd situations.

There was one time a whole school class came in the store and they all wanted to play the demos with only one staff member in the store, quite a heavy task for him, three demos and taking care of the customers at the same time.

I also heard someone see a bunch of kids walk in to the store grab some stuff and walk out like it was completely normal.


Hi guys,

one story which made me laugh/cry/howl in frustration.

Perhaps some small introduction, I live near Treveris at the Mosella. The guys and gals who like a drop of wine may know it as a famous region for wines known for their special taste because they are made from grapes grown on slate.

There was a kid about 16 who bought that GW basing set and started to glue the slate on his bases!

When I left the shop I had to walk about 50 paces until I found a place where he could have collected buckets full of slate for free.

Really, where do these kids have their eyes (or their brain)?


Not really a GW story, but definitaly related…

At a large tournament here in Antwerp, I was attending with a few friends, one of whom was/is a really good painter who has won himself a long list of medals for his painted armies (not to mention that he always ranked in the top 3 for his battles). One of the small children asks if he can have a look at some of the models my friend was busy putting on the table. He answers ‘yes’, and turns around while I ask him a question. We have a short discussion, untill we hear a solid thump behind us. Turning around, we see the kid running away…

The boy had dropped the miniature he was looking at in my friend’s box with his models, destroying a warmachine, breaking a wing from another, before smashing through a unit (swordmasters if I remember correctly). Needless to say, in those days all miniatures were still metal (except core choices, who were largely in plastic).

All in all, he took it in good sport, and offered the devestated father who came apologising a drink at the bar…


Here’s one for ya

Last year I got a bad head injury during training at work that sort of scrambled my memory ,to say the least I was a little forgetful for a while

And was on all kinds of meds well I ordered about $300 worth of skaven twice I don’t play skaven I have no interest in skaven and to this day i dont remember doing this,Well this guy from GW called my house to ask if I really wanted two of everything. My wife over heard the conversation and promptly took me off the phone and put me to bed. To this day when I make an order at GW they ask if I want skaven with that. It’s not a horror story but it could have been.



And who said women only cost you money :slight_smile:

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stompa the high prices of gw

you go Sister:hat off