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Okay, not yet but what would happen to Warhammer if Games Workshop keeled over for some reason? Would it survive on its own in the wild, kept alive by the players, or would it die a slow death without the constant support of new models and new rules? Would other games move in to fill the void?

What has happened with other games that lost support? Blood Bowl is the only one I know that still had regular games and even tournaments after they were dropped by GW, which is one of the reasons they were picked up by Specialist Games, in contrast to Man O’War. The other Specialist Games are much more recent or had updates in the mean time.

Pyro Stick:

I think GW would be forced to sell off all its molds and the rights to its models to other companies that would continue to produce the models. They,being more sensible, than GW would hopefully sell the models for cheaper.

If it did keel over and die i doubt it would still survive as it would prove that it isnt as popular as it has come to think it is.

Kera foehunter:

i dont think G W dead i think it has cancer!! So how are they stopping the cancer that will make or break it. fire all the people is just like kemo. If you dont replace it back good people it will die!!If they dont get new stuff or lession to the players the cancer will slowly kill it .


You have a good point there Kera

GW has cut a lot of its development team/ WD team/ sculpters etc because of budget cuts.��Cuts caused by dwindling profit/sales because of their pricing.

These people then go to work for the competition, or start their own companies.��They then get replaced internally, with rookies, or not at all!

I can’t remember anything about new ‘experienced’ people being recruited in the dev team.��WD team nobody knows much about anyway, and the new wave of sculpters all seem to be golden daemon winners.��I can see them eventually recruiting ‘sculpters’ who cannot use greenstuff at all.��Just good at CAD.


tbh 40k is still profitable, if warhammer was turning out 2 have low sales it would probably take a back seat to Lotr’s


they keep on re releasing stuff too much and white dwarf is awful compared to the 90’s team . all you need to become a trader of gw stuff is �1500 so many people are selling their stuff and undercutting them . i cant see it going on for much longer maybe another 10 years then they will have to stop all this stupidity. why doesnt jervis johnson or any of the originals stop the silly behaviour ! how many times have orcs and goblins or any other race been re released in the last 5 years? how many re vamps has the predator tank or rhino undergone in the last 10 years?! it drives me nuts and its impossible to keep up with it all as soon as you finish collecting an army they release a new book and update the range making your old models out of date. i used to love my undead then they totally changed them round . i guess thats another reason chaos dwarfs are so attactive to me - you know what your getting and they have a future, they wont simply be replaced in a few months time or be split up into 2 seperate armies ! i wish theyd never gone global, never opened the gw stores and just simply concentrated on supply and demand instead of over stretching themselves . oh yeah and make some films !


LoTR is a boat anchor by all accounts and need to be jettisoned as fast as possible…


warhammer die imconceivable its like dnd but for war games

tsr died someone else picked it up

gw dies someone else will pick it up

hopefully not hasbro

i hate toy companys so much


the specialist games gw bought out, there was a massive fanfare when they came out one after another and like an unwanted christmas pet they dont want to support it, so what do they do?? kick it out the door to fend for itself, you barely see any thing in the wd about them, the only one at the club i go to is the very popular bloodbowl

as has been said on other forum debates about this, there are so many vets getting disgruntled about prices and “broken” armies, like chaos space marines who lost the legions and the ork clans have gone, also looks like the new 40k orks will be 10 models for �12.00

Kera foehunter:

Willmark right lotr is the vortex thats sinking gw then wd. What they should do to get more younger people they should do more bfsm box sets .

Or do smaller campains of 500pt so that you dont need big armys. So that you can learn to play the game right.


The chances of GW going “belly up” are slim IMHO. As noted they are the “D&D” of the fantasy mini/game space. There is to much of a market there. Now with that being saidthsy doesn’t mean that there aren’t problems.

As noted, GW’s price increases are doing them any favors, in fact its only adressing the short term. Its also disuading a whole generation of players due to price and the fact that there are many more options for descretionary spending out there.

eBay is not GW’s friend. The move to squash online retailers while understandable has pushed more people to buy on eBay. Now GW didn’t get a price of the aftermarket before but now its even worse when one can buy almost any bit anywhere else without having to go to the GW online store.

If by some colossal blunder GW did screw up some company would no doubt by up the assets, ala Hasbro buying Wizards of the Coast.


Although the corporation may well crash the figures and game will go on .There is no major producer of other settings and wargames tho there are lots of figure and rules makers for all eras and games.

They survive and thousands of people go to the wargames conventions so warhammer would meld into that niche (which of course they already have representation at ).

Change is the only certainty what that will be we shall have to wait and see;)


IMHO the thing which did for GW in my eyes was when they floated on the stock market. At that point it went from a company driven by hobbists to a company run exclusively for profit. Thus why O&G, Space Marines and co get so many re-releases. Chaos got 2 new codexes before the orks got one, and the previous chaos one was launched only months before the ork one anyway


at the gaming convention “ludicris” (bad spelling) gw was there for the 2 days, they left after the first day after making 3 sales and one of them was glue, despite there being lots of people

Kera foehunter:

So what do you think next higher prices!!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Even if GW went bust (which is close to impossible currently), there would be many companies willing to buy the whole Warhammer franchise. So I don’t worry about the long-term prospects of our most favourite of expensive hobbies. ^^


So what do you think next higher prices!!

Kera foehunter
well they have started it, 10 models for �12.00

Kera foehunter:

well the first of the year is comming up


So what do you think next higher prices!!

Kera foehunter
well they have started it, 10 models for �12.00

Have you actually done the math here, dude? I'm not a defender of GW's prices but the current box costs �18 for 16 models. That works out at �1.125 per model.

The new models cost �12 for ten (or �1.20 per model) but the box includes bits for a nob. If we call it �12 for 10 and a half models you get �1.1428... per figure. It's barely a price increase at all when you realize that there's new weapons in there as well as the nob bits. I'd pay 23p for a burna, wouldn't you?



look at the empire soldiers box set, you need what 20 models, erm thats �24, before it was �18 for 19, big difference there, �6.00 for an extra model