[Archive] Gav Thorpe coming to Canadian Games Day


Several guests from the UK will be attending, including Adam Troke, Gav Thorpe and Mark Jones. These people are directly involved in the making of our games and our fantastic models.
There will also be a couple of local guests attending, Canadian White Dwarf Editor Dave Noyle and Mad DocMike Reed, will both be on hand to answer your questions."

Emphasis mine.

Even more incentive for me to paint up my Chaos Dwarfs and perhaps make a unit of Immortals to show alongside my Kollossus. I want to ask him how he pictures the Kollossus height and various other things about Immortals! Man that would be super nerdy of me, but awesome. :P

Anyone else here thinking of attending the Canadian Games Day?
The art competition is an event we are bringing back to Games Day. Bring completed art work depicting anything from the worlds of Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000. The entries will be judged on Games Day, with the winners receiving Games Workshop product and be featured on the Games Workshop Website.

I may have to paint up something awesome for this as well!


Kick his big ass for me plz

And we really don’t wan’t him to make a new list


I think firstly you shouldn’t mention that you happen to be the admin of a Chaos Dwarf website.��He would just ignore you then I think.

I think you’ve definately got the right idea, ask him about those things and things he planned to put in the book about CD but didn’t.��Those sorts of questions are likely to tell us a lot more about his plans than a direct ‘when are you doing CD?’.��Also being about his book you might as well get him to sign it to give you a reason to talk :slight_smile:

You could also ask him btw if he plans to write another dwarf novel as I would be interested in reading it.


When you meet him you could ask him about an updated armylist for cdslike for bretons or lizardmen printed in wd or a online version adapted to the 7th edition. Points and stuff you know


I definitely plan to get my book autographed. Talking about [[Grudge Bearer]] I will show him some conversions. Hopefully get some input that way… Perhaps ask him way Chaos Dwarfs were not given access to the [[Hellcannon]]…


Plan on going to the one in baltimore, dont plan on entering the tourny there so i am just gonna look around.