[Archive] Gav Thorpe Interview (CD Mention)


I don’t know if this has already been posted but is an interview with gav thorpe, Chaos Dwarf Mention on Pg 2

You can find it Here


Sounds good, but its always disheartening when we’re mentioned in the same breath as fishmen…


For those who just want the CD part

"As for new projects, I still think we will make Chaos Dwarfs really exciting. OK, they�?Tre not really new, but they�?Tve been gone for so long they would seem that way. That or the Fishmen, obviously, but there�?Ts strong competition from everyone in the department to be lead writer on that baby"

I think its good that CD are the first army Gav thought of for a ‘new’ army. I assume he means that the lead writer position for CD would be the strong competition one, not the fishmen


no… i’m sure the “competition for the lead writer” was for W:FM…

and that it was a joke… and it probably got laughs…


My heart hopes that CDs will happen, my brain tells me otherwise. Until then its make a CD army with the PDF list we have and not add too many greenskins.


isn’t that an old interview?

hashuts lil helper:

Since Gav doesn’t work for GW anymore, one can only assume it’s old


I don’t know how old it is, I found it yesterday.


Found in this thread from October:



It is an old interview, but in case anyone is interested Chaos Dwarves get a mention in the new Vampire Counts book. I wouldn’t read too much into it though


Are you kidding? We read too much into everything. We play chaos dwarfs. Did you expect any less? :slight_smile:


allow me:

“North of the kingdom of the dead, east of the Worlds Edge Mountains, lies the Plain of Bones. The northern and eastern edges of this awful place abut the empire of the Chaos dwarfs where the dread tower of Gorgoth looks out over the desolation of Azgorh…

…This is a desert land, despoiled by windblown pollutants carried from the furnaces and factories of the Chaos Dwarf Empire and ravaged by centruies of abuse by wandering tribes of Orcs and Goblins.”


so is that where the fishmen armies got started


I think its been a running joke with the dev team for some time now. Possibly in reference to people (gamers) wanting an army for everything imaginable.