[Archive] GD Chicago pictures (includes CD stuff)



Excellent stuff, the Skaven stuff looks aces!! Of course the taurus is on my to-be-ordered ASAP list already anyway!!

Thanks Wallacer!


No Problem.

Since CD and Skaven are my two favourite armies you can imagine how pleased I was to see those pictures.

Thommy H:


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Hmm. So is the Bull Taurus in the SoM book a different creature to the Bale Taurus from WF? I can’t wait to see what the sorcerer looks like. I’m certainly going to wait until then until I order one :slight_smile:

Thank you for the photos,





Thommy H
Yeah, that puzzled me too. I figured it was a typo but it may just be them trying make it sound exotic.


Some of the selections in the storm of magic book have this term. I’m not sure if it indicates better stats than the regular version (I haven’t got the book yet) or is just a way to identifiy that it is different.


Taurus rocks any idea on a price yet ?

The exulted are just better versions of the normal ones, all the chaos great daemons in the som book are exulted and they cost nearly 600 points each so a lot more than in the standard army books but they do make up for it , also the exulted versions are the warhammer forge models so its a bit of a market push to make you by them , like the bigger forge world giant that can thunder stop other normal giants

Thommy H:

In English, we tend to spell it “Exalted”. That was what I was querying. I worry about a company’s ability to write rules when they don’t seem to be using spellcheck for public presentations.


Is it me, or is this Taurus damn huge?! It seems bigger than a dragon!


It is a big miniature alright. Which makes me nervous about the price.


I love the fact that the Taurus is huge. I’ll definately be ordering one once the sorcerer gets released :slight_smile:




In English, we tend to spell it "Exalted". That was what I was querying. I worry about a company's ability to write rules when they don't seem to be using spellcheck for public presentations.

Thommy H
Makes me wonder if the Bale Taurus has the right name and not the result of an odd accent.
"What's this model called"
"It's cailled tha Bale Tourus"

Thommy H:

They actually made a similar mistake with “cannonade”, which is actually the name of a famous race horse. The word they were looking for was “carronade”.


I love they’re using the “running away in absolute terror” Empire guy from the Giant sprue for size comparison. I also like the Exalted Vermin Lord a lot, as well as the Bale Taurus!


not really sure about the taurus,will wait for some more pics on their side to make my decision


I think those big wing and tail blades are a good addition to the kit, because they for some will look wicked and well, whilst for others will be easily removable if they don’t want them.


do like the taurus but very undecided about how things are getting so much bigger.


Looks awesome, amazing pose.


How much do we think the “bale Taurus” will cost?