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Hey guys, thought for my first post I would just say a big hello to everyone out there and say a little about me. I have been playing WHFB for about 8 years now and am an avid tourney gamer! Been playing with the CD’s for nearly 3 years now and have managed to do really well with them last year, winning a tourney and coming 5th twice at two of the biggest WHFB tourneys in OZ. This won me an invite to the Warhammer Masters which is an invite only tourney. Lately I have been running a non Earth Shaker CD list with great success!!

My mate Jeff, told me about this site. He is the golden voice of PODHAMMER and you prolly heard about his WE’s getting an absolute beating by the CD’s. :slight_smile: Within the next couple of episodes I will be doing a talk on the Evil Stunties, so if there is anything you reckon should be on there just post em here or PM me.

Details can be found here: CDO - PODHAMMER

Look forward to the online discussions and painting contests!


MAtty :slight_smile:


Always good to see more people from the southern hemisphere signing up.


Hi good luck with the tourney and podcast .post a battle rep to let us know how you fared:hat


8 years of playing Warhammer, that’s it? Fffffftttttt! JK Welcome aboard! :cheers

Uzkul Werit:

Your useage of Bull Centaurs made me smile when I heard about it. Me? I’m far too stuck in my Earthshaking ways. Enjoy the site!


Haha, I intended to bring the attention of this site to the podcast, not the other way around! Whatever works! Welcome!

A gesture of good will:


Thanx for the warm welcome guys! Hope I can make a positive contribution to the site.

Canix: Unfortunately the Tourney was in Queensland and mebeing a poor Uni student couldn’t afford the flight. But i kept the invite!! :wink:

Uzkul Werit: Earthshakers are for weaklings!! jk :slight_smile:

Xander: Thanx heaps! That’s an awsome banner you have done there. I will show Jeff (if you havn’t allready) Only problem is that it looks a little too… goodie two shoes. :wink:


Matty :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

At least Bull Centaurs can’t blow up!

I look forward to the next podcast episode!