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Our new Miniature - General of Moscals - only work in progress.

More pictures on our site.

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OMG that is one sweet model :slight_smile:


Woah, that is a cool model and no mistake! The base is awesome as well.

I will assume it is 28mm scale, as that paint pot means nothing to me. Presuming you put up a WIP model here for feedback, I think he needs a much longer and thicker beard, with metal plates on. He is supposed to be the general after all!


The stand is a bit too elaborate for my tastes, and I’m not a fan of the armour style (I can’t put my finger on it, but I really hate it), but the shape of the bull is great. It’s a bit like a bison with less hair


Wow it’s great…!

Is it 28mm…?



The base would make a good unit filler, or even an objective.


Will this have wings?


Will this have wings?

It would be GREAT...!!!


Our new Miniature - General of Moscals - only work in progress.
More pictures on our site.

OH... MY!! I'm sure we can find some wings that are appropriate. Will make the original great taurus look like a little kid's version by comparison!!



I love it, Excellent work so far keep the Moscals coming cuz we love em. As for Wings probably if they put them on GW may breath down their necks a bit too much if they try to sell the product. but If you make wings and sell them seperately for different kits like what Ultraforge does then there wouldnt be any Copyright Infringements.


That looks just fricking awesome :slight_smile:

Like grim asked: will it have wings? That would make it completly kickass deluxe to the max :wink:

The best taurus is a flying one!

:hat off


Thanks for all coments - as I wrote it is work in progress. It is 28mm , I plann make alternative helmet for this miniature and add wings but not shure if it will be dragon or bat style wings, meybe something like hire:

Flying bull is not GW design - hire is one from ancient Greace and one Asyrian. Lamasu is also Asyrian design.

I also will make longer beard :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

wow gorgeous model, I don’t think I could resist buying that one when it becomes available.

I found this pick on ebay a while ago, I was wondering if you might be posting for sale on your website?


It is my conversion based on model we produce.

I sold this conversion few months ago but meybe I can create something like this for production.


ooooooooh … ME WANTS !!! but if it were to have feathered wings then … Then i would be surely getting some cash together …

Uzkul Werit:

If I can’t get a Great Taurus (which is looking likely), I’m so getting this baby!


and as for the taurus - it will probably get alternative base for gaming purposes :slight_smile:

Thommy H:


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must buy:)


Looks like that’ll be my Great Taurus too, unless I get lucky… or mount wings on the Mage Knight Atlantean Ram I’ve got…

Rider and Bull are separate pieces, right?


It’s an awesome Bull :hat off

- but I do hope, that some of all those shields will be optional - think it’s a bit to much as it is right now.

A I think you should consider feathered wing - that would be awesome.

Don’t have much to say about the rider. He look so tiny as he is right now - not much of a leader to me - but as you said it’s WIP - so I’ll reserve my final judgement.

Don’t know if I can use it in my army, as I don’t think it look chaotic/evil enough - but I will most definitely buy it anyway - as it would be quite a challenge painting it.

Btw: And if you was to ask me, I would say that you should do a Ataman altenative like the converted eBay figure.