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any rumors anything

any links

3rd or 4th edition rules and-or links to them anything please


Look for Tim Huckleberry. He is/was a GW employee who made rules for 3rd ed. I thought they were a bit too inflexible considering the fluff. I love the old hybrid models


THe Magus model was excellent. A shame I never got it.

- Tallhat

Lord Zarkov:




They have amoungst things the (mostly)Official CJ 3rd Ed list and the author’s ‘director’s cut’ list, as well as other bits n pieces. Tim H is also a frequent poster.


I have a Limo in my Cult army haha!

The old days… what fun in a game that had tactics.

You could use the LaTD armylist or Doctrines for the IG list, problem is there isnt anyway to effectivly use anything as a Genestealer.


Allied arco-flaggelents in an IG army?

Uzkul Werit:

On the US site, they have how to make a cult using IG doctrines.