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hugh manatees:

Hi I’ve been out of the game since 6th ed, and I’ve discovered my neighbors play and I’ve decided to get back into it. I have my old orc army but I’m not interested in expanding it (i have about 40 hobgobs and a squad of wolf riders/khans though). I’m looking at getting a chaos dwarf army and ramping up to a good army size. The opponents are daunting though. They used to run a painting shop and have immense armies of skaven, vc, and high elves.

I know the vampires run a grave guard death star, the high elves run a massive block of spearmen (60 or 80 or something ridiculous with the world banner) with heavy shooting, and the skaven are plauge monk/pestilens focused. Other than this, i can expect literally anything from their lists.

I’ve got a block of 40 hobows and 6 on wolves, and the rest I’m going to build up over a few months. I’m looking at getting a ghorgon to convert a kdaii (i love sculpting but not whole models). It looks like he’s giant-sized and bull-like, and kinda cheap. And i want 3-4 war machines. I want big block of 40ish infernals too (probably mantic, which they’re down with).

So…where to go from here? What would be good options vs he, vc, and rats? Any strategies for these armies or things to look out for? Looking at 2000-2400 before i switch from greenskins to this army as my go-to force.

hugh manatees:

Oh, and with some input I’ll craft a list. Specifically how hard should i hit the magic, and what units are most effective against massive low T armies?


Before designing your army, you need to identify if you want to gunline or if you want to be more focused on the movement phase/close combat it really determines alot with how you build your force.


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Check out the Daemonsmiths Handbook for info etc. It is a whole section in tactics and Advice

I’m personally not much use with planning armies


Hi there,

my CD start is not so long ago and I started out with a big unit of infernals and a set of shooting. Death shrieker, magma and hell cannon have all their advantages and can be used against all three opponents. But take a look at some of the other lists, the legion of azgorh can be played very versatile.