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With so many entries, the upcoming Golden Hat competition is sure to be a great one!

We can expect to see many excellent entries, and choosing a winner may be a true challenge. The voting might be a landslide for one truly stand-out model, but perhaps there will be several such entries and votes could be greatly spread out, with no stand out winner, or even multiple ties!

Irregardless, I think it would be great to try to get the best voter turnout possible!

If anyone has ideas on how to increase awareness in the community, and broaden what i will call ‘the educated voter’ base, it could be beneficial to the GH5 contest, the forums themselves, and perhaps the popularity/interest of the Chaos Dwarf army!

Someone in a previous post suggested leaving the polls open longer, which I would agree is a good start. Also, where permitted, links to the contest could be posted on outside sites, and general word of mouth to people that we know have interest could also increase voters.

Input and further suggestions are certainly encouraged :slight_smile:


Ishkur Cinderhat:

How about a popup message saying something like “have you voted for the Golden Hat V yet?”


could get a little annoyung for those who have voted already. unless there would be a way of turning it off


The staff could send a site-wide PM to all members asking them to vote, once a week until the voting is over? That should get decent turnout.

Then, if they haven’t voted by the halfway point, send an email with a link to the thread.


Regular comments on the thread to keep it toward the top of the ‘view todays posts’ thingy


Make it so no-one can see the vote count till the end.


I actually like all of the ideas posted here, but I am unsure as to the required logistics to some of them. keep up the good work you guys, but lets not rely entirely on the staff, so if you can spread the word of mouth and get everyone you know involved, or maybe a few people you don’t know, that would be great!

Thanks again,

Pyro Stick:

Post a link to the final GHV voting thread on all of the Chaos Star Forums.


Anyone willing to could include a link to the voting thread in their signature. I will once it’s up and running, the more the merrier!

Pyro Stick:

Anyone willing to could include a link to the voting thread in their signature. I will once it's up and running, the more the merrier!

You could include it on you sig on other forums as well.

If this was posted on The Warhammer Forum i bet there would be a mega load of extra voters. But there are a lot of jerks on that forum so it might not be such a good idea.


aaaaa! I have 4 hours to paint my mini :confused:


YOU CAN DO IT GROM! MAKE US PROUD! And you have closer to 9 hours. :stuck_out_tongue:




GROM! Stop typin’ and get paintin’!!! Good luck!

Kera foehunter:

Grom give up !!!i have already won the gh5


finished -_-


Hehe, well done.


Good stuff Grom!

Now you have time to spread the word :wink: