[Archive] Ghorgon, what is it?


So I gather it’s a regular sized minotaur with 4 arms?

Is this the one that throws rocks or does it have weapons?  I didn’t really follow the discussion surrounding the book and haven’t had a look in yet.

Hopefully someone here has the book.

Just wondering, as I happen to be making a minotaur head…


Its a giant sized minotaur with 4 arms, 2 of which end in hands, the other 2 end in blades. it also has mouths all over it. Keeper fo secrets would make a great base for a conversion as its too big really to be a Minotaur.

Thommy H:

The Ghorgon is a giant, mutant Minotaur with four arms, two of which usually end in scythe-like claws. It has some of the abilities of regular Minotaurs (like going mental when it gorges on flesh) and can also regenerate by eating. It’s much larger than a Minotaur - about the size of a Giant.

The thing that throws rocks is a Cygor, another mutant strain of Minotaur, but a bit more specialised. It has a single eye, and can only see the Winds of Magic, which makes it insane. It hates Wizards as these are the only living things it can truly see, so it hunts them down to the exclusion of all else. For this reason, Wizards are terrified of it. It hurls chunks of mehir from magical stone circles - again, some of the only things in the physical world it can perceive. Like the Ghorgon, it’s about the size of a Giant.


Either giant sized model of the Privateer press skorne titan bronzeback warbeast would make a great start.






Very close to straight rip-offs of the artwork in the beastman book.


Those models look almost like GW models that have been converted.

I don’t think I’m the only one confused by how GW creates rules for completely new units and then makes no models for them. And then says they won’t do the same for CDs.


The only problems I can really see with those models suggested Snowblizz is they are no longer in production and totaly sold out.


you can still get this one:



you can still get this one:


I know.

Unfortunately of course, the only one I kinda wanted, "Ghorgon" is now sold out.

And they are running a special 20% off right now. Darn it.

Well the Chimera is sweet, but 100£ ? Ummm... eeeh... mmm... aaaah...