[Archive] GI Joe - which one?


My son enjoys playing with my very old Action Man toys (with missing hands but working eagle-eyes). From what I understand they are the equivalent of the US army figure GI Joe. So I thought I’d get him a GI Joe for his birthday (or more accurately, let my parents buy him one) - but which one? Entering GI Joe into Amazon seems to bring up a thousand characters who don’t look anything like they are in the army and the ones that do seem to be significantly more expensive collectors items - is it really $45 for a toy like that? I just want a basic articulated male doll that can be dressed up in army gear or other similar stuff. Can anyone point me to what I am after?

Kera foehunter:

you can get them on e bay
but the G i joe’s that your looking for is from the 60s
they made them smaller in the early 80


Finally found a few for $30 and less. Once I found one I found links to others. None of them is directly available from Amazon, online via shops that sell through them. Bizarre!


It depends on which ones you have and when they were made. The very first “GI JOE” action dolls, made in the 60’s can run in the 100to1000. It all depends on which one you have how old is he what shape is he in and do you have all his bits. Having the box undamaged also make a massive price hike.