[Archive] Giant Lammasu? Maybe?


Looking through Ramshackle Games for models for my Orcs and Ogres I stumbled across this:

Now I know it may seem weird, but I was thinking with a rider, and a pair of huge wings (This is going on Arachnarok sized) it could look cool as a Lammasu, though it would need some enormous wings, so I’m unsure where they’d be found, maybe Bale Taurus or the Troll Forged Miniatures Wyvern, dunno if GW Dragon wings could work

What do you think?


very animated i think it would work.


Wow - that is one ANGRY looking miniature!


it would depend on the style of your armie, if you go for a more comic/animated armie he would be perfect.


Nice model. :slight_smile: How much is this?


It’s £23, so considering it’s Resin and Arachnarok size, and only £1.50 more than the GW Lammasu, I think it’s a good idea lol

Here’s the link:


They also sell small Dungers, and a Dungerdon with both a Howdah, and a howdah with Barbarians on top, if you wanted to go with those (The one with just a howdah might be good for Ogre Kingdoms, while possibly if you got the basic one and made your own howdah it could be a great Skullcracker/Juggernaut/Whatever counts as)


…The small Dungers made me think to the old Hairy troll dolls (remember them?:)), the Wild Dungerdon can make a good Lammasu indeed!


Except the giant teeth nice looking model!

Imo it has a lot of potential  - with some converting … why not?!


Time of Madness:

It's £23, so considering it's Resin and Arachnarok size, and only £1.50 more than

At that price I'd be just buying a regular lammasu :)

What wings would you look at putting on it? Dragon sized I'm assuming?

Time of Madness


Yeah, my current plans go with Basic Dragon wings, Chimera wings. Possibly the Bale Tauros if the other two are too small


Would it make a decent destroyer?


The more I look at it the more I like it, it would need some big wings as it look’s really heavy.

Also think it would work really well with 3rd ed style.


Actually Ultraforge make some great big wings for their demon range for $9


Maybe they’d be good and work with the Dungerdon


I like it, looks kinda cool… hmm… :slight_smile:


definitely quirky and would be a fun addition to a themed army

… and Tjub, it would look really silly with a big drawing pin stuck in its head.


Well I disagree with that list a lot:

Dungers and the Dungerdon look good,

The Khaos Monster looks epic, a twisted mutation that could look great in either a Tzeentch or Nurgle army depending how it’s painted

The Stygian venom spawn again looks like a good mutated thing that would work with Tzeentch

The Dusk Realm Demon while not being amazing definitely isn’t one of the worst sculpts ever and actually looks kinda cool in a way

Others like Archaon, Ariel, the Infant Sunstalker, the Wet Nurse and the Witch Elves look great in my eyes, and really they just jumped on the bandwagon with Nagash, who only sucks because of the head, and the terrible paintjob, give it a proper head and lose the purple and it’d be an ok model

Generally terrible list that pays no attention to model quality, simply looks at it and says "Ohh that’s slightly odd, we’ll openly hate on it for that reason, like the Wet Nurse, that’s a perfectly terrifying horror model, and they complain that it looks messed up, well it’s supposed to

Anyway I’ve gonea long way off topic, I have no respect for ‘The List’, or the people who wrote it, and will not be prevented from making my Giant Lammasu by some people writing a list I disagree with almost completely on the internet


I consider that it is good idea for use, but very expensive. To buy easier Lammasu GW


I usually dont pay much attention to Ramshackle Games’ junkified/scrapyard miniatures - but this here I actully like. And with a set of giant wings it will look spectacular as a gigantic Lammasu. A GW lammasu will look like a baby kitten next to this beast on it’s 100x150mm base :smiley:


Look at THE LIST!


I've seen miniatures much worse than that


I have never quite understand polls like that. And yes, far worse miniatures out there :smiley: