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Hello all I’m a high elf player (boo hiss?). Anyway I got a whole load of dwarfs dumped on me mainly skull pass I think (about 60 anyway) and I didn’t know what to do with them so they have been hiding away under my bed for a long time because I didn’t want to do a good army I wanted to do an evil army. So I’ve recently started a Chaos army (mainly mortals) but that still left me with a whole load of dwarfs…

Then I was at GW and 2 kids were playing a game skaven vs Chaos and I noticed the crew of the hell cannon and suddenly remembered the chaos dwarfs from the old days in the mists of time. After searching around I found this site so I’m saying high. I have a few questions and Ideas I don’t know if I should make another topic is so do inform me and I will :> however I’ll put them here.

1) What are hobgoblins? What makes them different from other types how can you tell them apart? (Are these also slaves and do they need to be kept under control as I would assume other goblins and orcs would?)

2) Orcs and Goblins etc can be taken as slave units in the lists how do the Chaos Dwarfs keep control of them (fluffwise?)

3) As hobgoblins can ride wolves do you think using chaos hounds would be suitable and fit in with the army or would you personally mount them on wolves? (Not taking cost into consideration)

4) What lores of magic do the chaos Dwarfs use?

4) Can you suggest a good begginers 1,000pt list?

5) Ogre mercs seem to fit in well fluff wise and I’m thinking I might get some as I’ve always wanted to convert or scratch Ironhide(?) on his mechanical Rhinox so later can make them another army, however what I would like to know now is do they make a good unit that fits in well with the rest of the chaos dwarf army (gameplay wise.)

I’m sure I have more questions but thats enough for now :> anything would be great and I’ll try and read round the forums as I have the time.

Thommy H:

Many of these questions can be answered by the Chaos Dwarf Wiki! For example: [[Hobgoblins]].


Many of these questions can be answered by the Chaos Dwarf Wiki! For example: [[Hobgoblins]].

Thommy H
woops, thanks :P