[Archive] Glowing fire effect, smoky black armor, etc. Any help appreciated


Hey all!

So I’m getting ready to paint my CD army and I had a few preliminary questions before I got into it.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Blue Table Gaming. They basically paint armies and sell them for insane prices… Aside from that; the gentleman that runs the show put together a quite literally breathtaking CD army that’s probably one of the best paint jobs I’ve ever seen. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t actually look that hard to do.

Video is located here and I’m also attaching a pic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIZGKhkPAHc


1. How do I get that glowing hot iron effect that he has on the tips of the weapons and armor/runes.

2. How can I get that smoky black color on the armor as is shown in the video

Any help would be greatly appreciated… Preferably in the format of what paints(strawberry asshole red, empire sucks yellow), how to apply them(layer, wash, drybrush, vomit them on) and in what order.Thanks so much! :smiley:

- Robby


Not sure about exact colours, but the armour looks like a grey/purple/black mix drybrushed on, than perhaps some light grey added for a highlight.

The glowing part is deceptive in that it’s all browns.  Not seen that done before. Layered on by the looks of things.

I’m going to steal the minotaur head idea for the banner.


Hi partnet!!!

long time ago, this video also caught my attention, the colour scheme is brilliant (not literally xd) but if you let me tell you:

1. that hot effect (in my opinion,of course) is either a very light brown (vermin brown, for example) or a very diluted orange ( blazing orange or similar) maybe a little bit of yellow at the end

2. I would do that armor colour with a scorched brown first with a black wash after and a Codex grey lights finally. ( dry brush)

all of this is only my oppinion,based on colors I have and know. maybe other pal would advise you better.

Good luck :hat off


You can get very good smoke effects by:

1) Undercoat your mini with a mix of black and dark metal. Then wash everything with (guess what?) black wash (I still have GW’s Badab black, don’t know what’s the current name). Drybrush the mini with silver and voilà!

2) Use weathering powders. Careful though, you need to coat them in spirit, and it takes some practice before getting passable results.

3) Simply drybrush black on your minis. Again, it takes some practice.

Regarding the glowing effect well, it’s very easy, really. Check out some tutorials on the web, especially the ones that teach how to paint power weapons. Then it’s all about layering! A good transition between colors usually takes 5 or more passages. Just one thing: with scalding objects a thin line of white on the extreme edges really helps giving the idea of something very hot.


Thanks for sharing this. I hadn’t seen the video before, but this is a very nice-looking army. I’ve seen some interesting interpretations before, but what I like most about this is the ashen sort of look of the army. And it contrasts so beautifully with those hot-metal designs done on the armor. Not to take anything away, but I didn’t care as much for that effect on the barrels of the magma cannon, though–must just be me.

My knowledge of chaos dwarfs is light, so as I saw this it made me wonder. The skin on these dwarfs appears to be a light gray, ashen color. I’ve also seen others paint it flesh-colored and some a reddish-pink. Is there anything official on the skin coloring of chaos dwarves?


I have seen that vid many times, I subscribe the BTP youtube channel:), and that army looks awesome!!


nice video, thanks for sharing


Wow thanks for all the great replies! :smiley:

@Abecedar: NP!! :D:D

@Yodrin: I know they’re pretty kick ass. Wonder if he does that full time.

@Taurian: It was my pleasure :smiley: I can’t stop watching it they just look so amazing. The ashen look is also what drew me in. I agree with the barrels, it was a little bit overkill. I would rather have just tied in that recently used hot iron look. About the skin. Im going for a D&D Duergar (evil dwarfs) look so I’ll be painting that greyish tone regardless. As far as lore, Tamurkhan book basically states that they look like regular dwarfs except for minor mutations. Daemonsmiths and Sorceror-Prophets however perpetually turn to stone so you can definitely give them a greyish tone and have it match the armies fluff. I wanna do it for the whole thing as I just find it amazing looking.

@Skink: Those are great suggestions! I’ll try them all out on some of my spare orcs. (My O&G horde is upwards of 350 models XD) I can definitely spare the bodies for experimentation… perhaps some of them will mutate into black orcs?? About the glowing effect, I found some great vids on doing lava bases and alot of the techniques are transferable. Im just wondering how people get it to blend in and not contrast so obviously with the rest of the armour.

@Topota: Hiya! Thanks so much for the color names thats awesome! I will try all of the above out when I start experimenting with Skink’s strategies.

@Grimstonefire: Yeah that mino banner is amazing. My best friend collects beastmen I’m gonna see if I can borrow a spare head. Thanks for the painting tips!


Soo many layers, that is how he got that bright bright yellow burning effect. All I can really say is just start layering up from darker to lighter, one after another. It is not easy in my humble onion to get that effect.


glowy effects… it is many layers of paint, and the look of it, as the colour transitions is flawless it must be airbrushed on… I think, and if handpainted, it will take really long time to do right. :hat off


Its not many layers on the IG on the BTP pic, I think 3 at most but cool nontheless. U could also try wet blending, but its tricky, especially on such small surfaces.