[Archive] Gnoblars on Wargs?


Anyone use them before?

Got a big bag of Wargs recently at a very good deal, looking at the illustrations they could make very nice wolves for my wolf riders.  Gnoblars seem very twisted, would make good riders.  

Cut one up, looks fine now, I’m going to try drilling, pining and gluing into place.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Some people find Gnoblars to be too small to make credible Hobgoblins. Check out Grim’s Wolf raiders made with Storm Vermin bodies:



Da Crusha:

the gnoblars are small for HG but I think they look fine. I use them in my cd army. I have 10 gnoblar riders and about 150 gnoblars.

Thommy H:

Try the Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs with Gnoblar heads. They’re pretty much perfect.

Kera foehunter:

They do look small,

OR the Wargs look big!  Made some corkboard bases, suitably rugged and rocky, made one spear from brass rod and need to find a good head for it.  

They look like they're having a great day!

good job they look very nice:hat off


Try the Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs with Gnoblar heads. They're pretty much perfect.

Thommy H
And expensive :D

Thommy H:

Yeah, well, they’re manufactured and sold by Games Workshop.


The Hunter Orcs do look impressive!

But I got 30 Wargs for $10, plus already had a couple boxes of Gnoblars. Can’t beat the price!!! Need to clean out my game room anyways…I’ll get started painting, will probably do the bases first and then glue the Wargs onto them when they’re done.

Kera foehunter:

Yea… i know all about good deals and I also need to clean up all my over flowing extra stuff too.


I think I’ll start with the non-CD units first,

Practice up some painting on them until I find a scheme I like. THEN go onto the main event units. Chaotic WR’s first!!!