[Archive] Gobbo in a can


Random thought that occurred to me just now while I was opening a tin of corn beef; would Chaos Dwarfs have canned goods? Considering the industrialisation of Dawi Zharr society and the abundance of slave labour negating the labour intensiveness of canning, would they have the know how and ability to can food? Considering that in real life canning goods has existed for over 200 years I�?Td think it very likely that technological concerns wouldn�?Tt be an obstacle so it�?Td probably come down to whether or not there would be a need for it. As a �?~household Good�?T is think not, but for armies on campaign it�?Td be a desirable thing as it�?Td make transportation of rations easier (especially on ships).

What does everyone think?


That sounds resonable, maybe barrel sized cans with “waste products” for the slave regiments?


I was thinking that various sized barrels would have been the norm more than “modern” sealed tin cans.

Though your thesis bears serious merit, a little research illuminated me to the fact that canned goods began in about 1810,

as I thought that 200 years was a bit to far, invented by a French-man after he experimented with glass bottles and jars.


Yeah I was surprised by that too when I looked it up Abecedar; before posting I did a quick check on Wikipedia to see when it was invented/what was involved in early canning expecting it to be stuff about the late Victorian age, not the Georgian.